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IGEL Support

Maximize your IGEL infrastructure’s potential with our expert support, driving efficiency and security in your digital workspace.

Expert IGEL Support Tailored to Your Needs

XenTegra is at the forefront of providing comprehensive IGEL support services designed to optimize your endpoints and secure your virtual environments. Our IGEL-certified technicians are dedicated to ensuring your infrastructure operates smoothly, offering solutions from deployment troubleshooting to advanced configuration, tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Tailored IGEL Support Plans

Recognizing the unique demands of IGEL environments, XenTegra offers a range of support plans to fit every need and budget. From Pro to Custom, our support options are structured to provide the exact level of service your business requires, ensuring your IGEL infrastructure is always performing at its best.

Pro Pro Plus Ultimate Custom
24x7x365 Coverage

Ensure constant operational support and reliability with our comprehensive 24x7x365 coverage, tailored for your peace of mind.

Remote Solution Based Support

Access expert solutions and resolve technical issues swiftly with our remote solution-based support.

Flexible Retainer Based Pricing

Adapt to varying business needs with our flexible retainer-based pricing, ensuring cost-effective support solutions.

Fixed Pricing and Unlimited Cases 

Experience transparent and predictable budgeting with fixed pricing and unlimited cases, offering complete financial clarity.

Phone and Email Support 

Connect directly with our expert support team through both phone and email for immediate and effective assistance.

ServiceNow CSM Portal Support

Streamline your customer service management with dedicated support via the ServiceNow CSM portal for enhanced efficiency.

Slack and Teams Chat Support

Improve communication and expedite support resolution with our integrated Slack and Teams chat support.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Guarantee service quality and timeliness with our clear and tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

IGEL Workspace Edition

Optimize your digital workspace with comprehensive support for the IGEL Workspace Edition, ensuring seamless operation.


Maintain and manage your endpoints efficiently with dedicated support for IGEL OS, enhancing system reliability.


Streamline endpoint management with expert support for IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

Microsoft OS/IAM Active Directory/AAD/AAA 

Secure and streamline your Microsoft operating systems and identity services with our specialized support.

Multi-Platform and Vendor-Neutral Support 

Enjoy comprehensive and unbiased support across multiple platforms and vendors for maximum system compatibility.

Root Cause Analysis for Sev 1

Identify and mitigate the root causes of severe incidents with our thorough root cause analysis for Sev 1 issues.

Scheduled Patch and Update Assistance 

Stay up-to-date and secure with our scheduled patch and update assistance, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Assigned Technical Account Manager

Benefit from personalized and strategic support with an assigned Technical Account Manager tailored to your needs.

Critical Situation Management for Sev 1

Navigate critical incidents confidently with our expert critical situation management for Sev 1 cases.

Environment & Operational Reviews

Enhance system efficiency and stability with comprehensive environment and operational reviews.

Assigned Customer Success Manager

Achieve your business objectives with dedicated support from your assigned Customer Success Manager.

Remote Monitoring with Preventative Care

Prevent downtime and issues with our proactive remote monitoring and preventative care services.

Comprehensive Licensing Guidance

Navigate software licensing complexities with our comprehensive licensing guidance, ensuring compliance and optimization.

Proactive End User Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Enhance end-user experience with proactive performance monitoring and analytics, identifying issues before they escalate.

Migration Assistance 

Ensure smooth and efficient system migrations with our expert migration assistance services.

Configuration Reviews

Optimize system performance and security with our detailed configuration reviews.

Service Desk Integraion (SNOW)

Streamline your service desk operations with integrated support for ServiceNow, enhancing efficiency and response times.

Health Assessments 

Maintain optimal system health with our comprehensive health assessments, identifying areas for improvement.

Security Assessments

Protect your business with thorough security assessments, identifying and mitigating potential threats.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare for unexpected events with our strategic backup and disaster recovery planning, ensuring business continuity.

User Training and Education

Empower your team with our user training and education services, enhancing skills and technology utilization.

On-Site Support

Receive immediate and personalized assistance with our dedicated on-site support services, ensuring effective problem resolution

Custom Solutions, Uncompromised Efficiency

Elevate your IGEL experience with XenTegra’s customized support solutions. Whether you need immediate troubleshooting or ongoing management, our support plans are designed to ensure your IGEL environment is reliable, secure, and perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Proactive IGEL Management

Stay ahead with XenTegra’s proactive IGEL support, ensuring your endpoints are always updated, secure, and optimized for peak performance, fostering a seamless user experience.

Access to IGEL Experts

Get direct access to our IGEL-certified professionals, ready to assist with your every need. From quick fixes to comprehensive system overhauls, we’re here to ensure your infrastructure supports your business without fail.

Strategic IGEL Optimization

Leverage our deep IGEL expertise to not just maintain but significantly enhance your endpoint environment. Our strategic support covers everything from user training to system customization, driving productivity and operational efficiency.

Statements of Work

Our Statements of Work outline the specific tasks, timelines, and deliverables associated with each project engagement, ensuring a clear understanding of the project scope and timeline. With a commitment to security and expertise in creating personalized digital workspaces for teams, XenTegra is the perfect partner to help streamline your IT systems and increase productivity. Trust our experienced team to help you choose the right workspace platform for your needs, and simplify the way you work with a customized solution from XenTegra.

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