XenTegra Selected as Finalist for the 2019 Citrix Innovation Award for Partners

Dec 27, 2018

XenTegra is proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Innovation Award for Partners. Our client Custom Molded Products (CMP) has adopted Citrix and Microsoft with the help of XenTegra. William Drury, CEO of CPM truly believes that technology is key; “We face fierce competition every single day, but I do think our ability as a small company to be more efficient and to be more thoughtful about how we approach our IT ultimately will give us an edge.” With the help of Citrix Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Data Analytics, XenTegra has made CMP truly competitive. “All of sudden one day we flipped a light switch; we have Citrix on Azure, and we have a great partner XenTegra backing the project.” Chris Murphy, Director of Technology of CMP states. Citrix is how CPM will stay competitive!

Vote and watch the video here: https://go.xentegra.com/innovation

About XenTegra:

XenTegra is a leading provider of Citrix solutions across North America. Fueled by a passion for end-users and known for their deep history with Citrix and complementary technologies, XenTegra enables its clients to deliver productive and secure endpoint computing environments for users to work anytime, anywhere and on any device. Custom Molded Products (CMP) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pool and spa products for spa designers, pool builders and retail store owners around the world. XenTegra, together with Citrix and Microsoft, developed end-to-end secure virtual workspaces that makes it possible for CMP to expand into new global markets and offer the highest level of products and support in the industry.

About CMP:

CMP is the premier supplier of pool, spa and bath products. Spa designers, pool builders, bath manufacturers and retail store owners around the world depend on CMP products, service and support. We truly believe the difference is in the details.