VMware releases list of 2024 vExperts, which includes XenTegra’s Philip Sellers and XenTegra Canada’s Barry Browne.

Feb 26, 2024

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., February 26, 2024 – XenTegra proudly announces that team members Philip Sellers, Director of Modern Datacenter & Digital Workspace, and Barry Browne, Vice President of Sales and Strategy, have once again been recognized as VMware vExperts for the year 2024, maintaining their esteemed positions within the global VMware community. 

Philip Sellers, a seasoned VMUG co-leader and a veteran in the field, celebrates his remarkable 12th consecutive year as a vExpert. Meanwhile, Barry Browne, also a VMUG co-leader and an influential voice in the VMware sphere, marks his impressive second year receiving this prestigious award. Both Philip and Barry are known for their dedication and contributions to the VMware community, particularly through their impactful VMware podcasts. 

The vExpert title is awarded to individuals demonstrating significant contributions to the VMware community and a deep understanding of VMware technology. This non-technical recognition is VMware’s way of acknowledging the vital role these community advocates play in educating and leading the ecosystem forward. The program aims to support the advocacy efforts of the recipients by providing access to marketing resources, global event exposure, co-op advertising opportunities, and more. 

Philip and Barry’s recognitions as vExperts are a testament to their continuous effort and leadership in the VMware community. Their roles as VMUG co-leaders and podcast producers have significantly contributed to the spread of VMware knowledge and best practices. 

“Philip and Barry’s recognition as VMware vExperts for 2024 is a testament to their unwavering dedication and expertise within the VMware community” said Andy Whiteside, CEO and XenTegra founder. “Their continued leadership and contributions exemplify XenTegra’s commitment to excellence and innovation in providing VMware solutions.” 

As vExperts, Philip and Barry will continue to have access to exclusive resources, including events and opportunities that allow them to deepen their expertise and share their knowledge with the broader community. Their achievements reflect XenTegra’s commitment to excellence and its role as a leader in providing VMware solutions.