14: Nutanix Weekly: Nutanix Foundation Central Overview and What’s New in Version 1.1

Apr 27, 2021

*Original Release

With remote working now the new normal, it is challenging to send skilled IT professionals to data centers to install new equipment. Although Nutanix clusters have always been quick to install and configure, there was still a requirement to send a trained IT technician to site to run the Foundation software for deployment, usually connected to a local laptop. For large-scale or multiple sites, this can be a costly exercise.

How could we make this even easier in a ‘work from home’ world? 

With the launch of Nutanix Foundation Central 1.0 with Prism Central 5.17, this specialist requirement is now removed. 


Out today Foundation Central Release 1.1

Foundation Central is the Nutanix service used to create clusters from factory-imaged nodes remotely from Prism Central.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Harvey Green
Co-Host: Jirah Cox