15: IGEL Weekly: How to Get Metrics (Download Speed, WIFI Signal, Monitoring) From Your Teleworker’s IGEL OS Devices

Apr 28, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself these questions when doing some support or admin tasks?

  • Your user is connected via WIFI and is complaining everything is slow. How strong/good is the WIFI Signal of the remote endpoint?
  • Your user is not able to access a resource and you to debug is. What is his Public IP?
  • Your user is complaining that his connection is slow. You would be happy to do a quick Speed test. How is his Download speed on her/his side?
  • The user needs to access a server but can't. Could you check automatically if the server is reachable from the endpoint?

Well, for all of these questions, they are Linux commands you could issue in a Remote Terminal, Terminal, SSH but how handy would it be to get that information back to UMS every time the device boots? I created a few Profiles writing that information back to UMS using the UMS Structure Tag

Host:  Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Chris Feeney
Co-Host: Sebastien Perusat