79: Nutanix Weekly: Infrastructure Matters: Making Workload Migration Efficient and Cost-Effective

Jan 17, 2024

As organizations advance in their digital transformation journeys, they’re creating more applications than ever to meet modern customer and internal demands. Whether its cloud-native applications, traditional applications deployed in on-premises datacenters or modern applications deployed at edge locations, the number of apps is skyrocketing. In the 5th Annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) study commissioned by Nutanix, nearly all (94%) of the 1,450 respondents surveyed agreed with the statement that “one place to run and manage all applications and data across clouds is ideal for my organization.”

Modern organizations are faced with the dual challenge of not only building infrastructure that accommodates their newly developed apps but also ensuring seamless mobility for apps and data across diverse environments and between different clouds and on-premises setups. Workload migration and portability are essential to modernizing your applications and fully embracing the benefits of the cloud.

Discussing a blog from Marc Trouard-Riolle: 

Host: Philip Sellers
Co-host: Harvey Green
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