11: Syncing with ServiceNow: What does ServiceNow do?

Jan 24, 2023

From humble beginnings to becoming an enterprise with more than 20,000 employees globally, ServiceNow has been through a lot of changes since its founding in 2004. Although it started as an IT service management company, it's grown to connect people, functions, and systems across organizations.

Today, ServiceNow offers solutions for IT service and operations management, the employee and customer experiences, low-code and hyperautomation, and a whole lot more—all built on a single, unifying platform that eliminates silos.

If you think that sounds like a mouthful, you’re not alone. In the tech world, it can be tricky to explain what your company does, especially to nontech family and friends. We put our employees to the test and asked them, “What does ServiceNow actually do?” Watch the video to see their responses…

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Fred Reynolds
Co-host: Kristin McDonald