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E19 On The Horizon: It’s time to reveal the future of VMware Horizon

E19 – On The Horizon:

It’s time to reveal the future of VMware Horizon


Our Horizon SaaS services have been a huge hit with customers, and it’s not just because of the overall increase in demand for remote work. Day after day, organizations are realizing how the unique benefits of VMware Horizon can help them lower costs, increase scale and visibility, reduce management headaches and provide a seamless hybrid experience for both users and IT admins.

As we begin VMworld 2021, we’re extremely excited to unveil for the first time our plans for the next-generation of virtual desktop and app delivery based on a hybrid DaaS architecture – the future of VMware Horizon!

Today, VMware has two platforms for delivering virtual desktops and apps: one for environments running on vSphere (Horizon 8), and one for environments running natively on Microsoft Azure (Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure). While each of these platforms leverages the same Horizon Control Plane and can take advantage of the same valuable features like App Volumes, Image Management, Cloud Monitoring Service and Universal Broker, we want to do even more to evolve our architecture.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Erik Collett
Guest: Gabe Knuth