Top 3 Challenges to Overcome When Moving to a Cloud-first Model

Jul 2, 2018

Cloud: It’s among the hottest topics in tech right now. And if you’re an enterprise customer, you can’t open a web browser without getting hit by a deluge of  helpful cloud advice: “Top cloud considerations”; “What to expect from your migration”; “Weighing the pros and cons of public cloud providers”; and a thousand other cloud blog posts and explainers.

But what if you’re the one selling cloud? As a Citrix partner building up your cloud practice, cloud represents a major transition for you as well. The changes to your own business can be just as big as your customers’ — often even bigger. You have to rethink everything from how you engage with clients, to your back-office and billing systems, to the basic value proposition you deliver in a cloud world. It’s not always an easy transition. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some cloud explainers aimed at you?

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