22: Nutanix Weekly: Trekking through IT’s Automation Transformation

Jul 26, 2021

To cut through the ubiquitous noise of automation hype, let’s briefly talk at a high-level about the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure industry’s automation journey and provide applicable guidance regardless of where you may be along your unique journey.

With recent advances in automation, machine learning, data analytics, and cloud computing, we are all expected to achieve more with less. Even the most technologically savvy departments in our organizations have had challenges adapting. Almost every organization is trying to find the right balance and approach to incorporate automation in its processes. In order to get a sense of how the IT industry is thinking about automation, we surveyed 500+ IT professionals as part of the Automation Coffee chat in Nov 2020. From this survey, we gained insights into:

  • Where are practitioners today?
  • What challenges lie ahead?
  • Where is the industry headed?

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Harvey Green
Co-Host: Jirah Cox