72: Nutanix Weekly: Nutanix Files Storage Episode 4.4 – Synchronous Replication Awakens

Sep 25, 2023

For mission-critical applications in various industries like banking, capital markets, insurance and healthcare, there is a need to support highly available synchronous data replication to ensure high level platform protection and availability. Providing this functionality is key for a business to function unhindered. The cost of data unavailability can be significant to a business, with some estimates measuring the impact at several thousand dollars per minute and upwards of six figures or more if the unavailability lasts for an hour or more. And this doesn’t take into account recoverability to the latest dataset right before the failure. With these types of dollar amounts, the inability to bring the system back to its latest data point can have a tremendous impact on the viability of a business. Customers need RPOs of zero to help ensure any incident that takes down a primary site will allow a secondary disaster recovery site to be brought online quickly with the latest copy of the data.

So without further ado, drum roll please…Nutanix™  Files Storage now supports establishing a metro cluster with our 4.4 release. This is not a drill and you are not seeing things, this isn’t a mirage, it’s here. This capability is built on top of our already mature and customer validated Metro offering that has been used for years now to protect applications running on our hyperconverged platform. I know what you are thinking: how does it work, so let's dive in! 

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Philip Sellers
Co-host: Jirah Cox
Co-host: Ben Rogers