46: Nutanix Weekly: Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal: Combine the power of the Nutanix cloud stack with the bare-metal performance and global reach of Equinix

Mar 18, 2022

Fast and flexible access to IT infrastructure has become a critical success factor for modern business. Nutanix and Equinix have joined up to help enterprise IT teams reduce time to market for new applications and services. Equinix Metal™ enables as-a-service infrastructure deployment globally and rapid scalability for hyperconverged infrastructure using the Nutanix® Cloud Platform, enabling you to shift CapEx to OpEx while reducing hardware spending on key workloads and enhancing your ability to reach the users, partners, and clouds that matter most to your business.

Host: Harvey Green
Co-host: Jirah Cox


00:00:03.270 –> 00:00:11.820
Harvey Green: Hello everybody and welcome to episode 46 of the mechanics weekly podcast I have this to jarrod Cox with me today how are you Dr.

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Jirah Cox: Harvey the woman, thank you.

00:00:13.830 –> 00:00:23.100
Harvey Green: Wonderful and we’ve got miss Mr Andy whiteside is missing today, he is down in Orlando at hills and.

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Harvey Green: You know I don’t I wish I had his weather right now it’s not terrible here but it’s not Florida you.

00:00:35.790 –> 00:00:36.240
Jirah Cox: know for sure.

00:00:36.480 –> 00:00:38.610
Jirah Cox: he’s missed but he’s having a lot of fun down there.

00:00:39.120 –> 00:00:40.620
Harvey Green: Yes, yes.

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Harvey Green: So today’s blog we’re going to talk through his mechanics cloud platform on equinox metal combine the power of new tannic cloud stack with the bare metal performance and global reach of economics, this is by region shroff hope I did that right hope I did it justice.

00:01:03.660 –> 00:01:04.260
Jirah Cox: Because given.

00:01:05.040 –> 00:01:06.000
Harvey Green: That was a mouthful but.

00:01:06.060 –> 00:01:06.750
Jirah Cox: very exciting.

00:01:06.960 –> 00:01:15.720
Harvey Green: Yes, yes, so this this actually is, is very, very current for March 9 so just few days ago.

00:01:17.040 –> 00:01:18.390
Harvey Green: um so.

00:01:19.470 –> 00:01:23.970
Harvey Green: I guess to get it started right we’ve we’ve all talked before about.

00:01:24.510 –> 00:01:38.490
Harvey Green: New tannic says offerings if you’ve been listening to any of the podcast episode so far we’re talking about budget and tax offerings and the way that they have flexibility around where you can deploy it and how you can deploy it.

00:01:39.960 –> 00:01:48.690
Harvey Green: You know, we talked about on premises, which is, you know very much still around, even though there is cloud there’s plenty of on premise still around.

00:01:49.770 –> 00:02:06.360
Harvey Green: There is the ability to run it in public clouds bare metal on aws and coming coming very, very soon to azure we’ve got technical previews going on with some customers.

00:02:07.440 –> 00:02:09.420
Harvey Green: Generally, the gonna hit the button there.

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Jirah Cox: You know I just learned that it’s waiting on me man that’s i’m letting you down i’m so sorry.

00:02:17.730 –> 00:02:19.020
Jirah Cox: i’m a real disappointment for them.

00:02:20.970 –> 00:02:23.280
Harvey Green: We were always late in the year.

00:02:23.910 –> 00:02:25.740
Harvey Green: you’re the one year one.

00:02:25.890 –> 00:02:27.180
Harvey Green: year the button pusher right.

00:02:28.500 –> 00:02:30.630
Harvey Green: let’s go in the easy button.

00:02:31.920 –> 00:02:34.020
Harvey Green: We hit the gyro but and how about that.

00:02:35.190 –> 00:02:37.680
Jirah Cox: I mean, speaking of topical something that’s easy.

00:02:38.730 –> 00:02:39.000
Harvey Green: Right.

00:02:41.610 –> 00:02:46.800
Harvey Green: So when when I hit the button what shows up in the sky is not a bad way shows up.

00:02:47.670 –> 00:02:50.550
Jirah Cox: A whoa that’s a great question some.

00:02:52.650 –> 00:02:55.230
Jirah Cox: can have carbonated water like.

00:02:57.810 –> 00:03:00.690
Jirah Cox: I think what i’m most often be spotted with.

00:03:01.680 –> 00:03:03.780
Jirah Cox: can think of, I also like a philly cheesesteak but like.

00:03:04.050 –> 00:03:06.090
Jirah Cox: it’s probably fair to say, like I can’t have carbonated water.

00:03:07.680 –> 00:03:09.000
Jirah Cox: With some kind of fruit flavor in it.

00:03:09.240 –> 00:03:13.620
Harvey Green: that’s hilarious for me it would definitely be some some sort of food.

00:03:15.750 –> 00:03:18.540
Harvey Green: Some steaks ribs brisket some.

00:03:18.630 –> 00:03:22.020
Jirah Cox: Oh yeah those are good, those are good ideas there.

00:03:22.410 –> 00:03:22.980
Jirah Cox: yeah but.

00:03:23.250 –> 00:03:26.820
Jirah Cox: brisket hard and picture to translate on the like projecting on a cloud.

00:03:27.960 –> 00:03:28.350
Jirah Cox: In the.

00:03:29.340 –> 00:03:31.170
Harvey Green: Best that’s why there’s no Harvey but.

00:03:32.670 –> 00:03:34.260
Jirah Cox: that’s that’s the reason we found it.

00:03:35.070 –> 00:03:36.060
Harvey Green: that’s it yeah.

00:03:38.430 –> 00:03:44.520
Harvey Green: All right, before I would take us away too far away from the topic at hand here.

00:03:46.020 –> 00:03:51.690
Harvey Green: we’re talking here today about oh yeah see I did get us way off topic.

00:03:53.040 –> 00:03:59.820
Harvey Green: That will close out that started with oh yeah you can run it in public cloud and and Microsoft azure is coming.

00:04:01.860 –> 00:04:12.630
Harvey Green: Their way up, so this particular one this particular blog article is about a new way to be able to run the the new tannic.

00:04:14.550 –> 00:04:21.570
Harvey Green: infrastructure, and that is using the tenants cloud platform on equity six little.

00:04:23.100 –> 00:04:26.220
Harvey Green: Jerry what in the world, does that mean, why are we talking about many.

00:04:27.960 –> 00:04:40.950
Jirah Cox: baton metal because great software it’s gotta run somewhere right and and running somewhere means you know I need to solve kind of traditional problems power paying cooling.

00:04:42.030 –> 00:04:51.150
Jirah Cox: Buying it right and and that ability to take all of those in economics metal than, say it’s a bare metal hardware as a service.

00:04:52.320 –> 00:05:01.320
Jirah Cox: let’s be solid really all those will that kind of one fell swoop so well and then go even beyond her right like when I say like Ping as a network connectivity requirement exists.

00:05:02.880 –> 00:05:06.300
Jirah Cox: can have to get to this, you know the articles that ethnics fabric right the real.

00:05:07.620 –> 00:05:18.240
Jirah Cox: friendly formally like packet network that really spans the iconic data centers very, very low latency high throughput connectivity that’s also like a real a real enabling technology as well, so when I can.

00:05:18.660 –> 00:05:27.600
Jirah Cox: When I can get hardware from economics metal hardware as a service in their data centers connected to their backbone that’s a really, really crazy potentially powerful offering.

00:05:28.650 –> 00:05:37.920
Harvey Green: yeah no I, I agree, and so I know that we’ve got a lot of customers, I mean and, like us, we use that connects as well.

00:05:39.210 –> 00:05:44.790
Harvey Green: What what kind of benefits, do you think that they would get out of being able to do something like this.

00:05:46.320 –> 00:05:50.940
Jirah Cox: yeah I mean so almost everybody I talked to is is thinking about.

00:05:52.740 –> 00:06:07.770
Jirah Cox: X, you know as a service right, so I want I want operationalize thing I want not having to make big purchases, you know say a big hardware, software purchase every three years, like what it was just become you know X per month right.

00:06:09.720 –> 00:06:19.800
Jirah Cox: So changing them how I buy and procure and pay for stuff but then also like mobility right like i’m sure you hear the phrase to very often like I want to get out of the data Center business.

00:06:20.550 –> 00:06:27.720
Jirah Cox: Well there’s lots ways, you can do that right full on move everything to a stack of virtual machines and public cloud is one way.

00:06:28.650 –> 00:06:38.490
Jirah Cox: moving into economics is another way right like that that could be even more of a right fit for you so get out of the data Center business could just mean you quit being the data Center admin.

00:06:38.880 –> 00:06:47.460
Jirah Cox: But you have lots of access to other people that are already really, really good at running data centers at scale right hosting your workloads at scale so.

00:06:48.030 –> 00:06:55.950
Jirah Cox: You when you have the ability to you know move from being like this is my cabinet or even maybe maybe run the power and cooling to.

00:06:56.430 –> 00:07:08.340
Jirah Cox: Now I run nodes in someone else’s data Center and they worry about everything from the hardware down well that’s a big peace of mind that you get right and a lot of things you get to quit worrying about.

00:07:09.510 –> 00:07:10.890
Harvey Green: Right right.

00:07:12.990 –> 00:07:16.710
Harvey Green: i’ll make you laugh, and then I promise i’ll try to be on topic better.

00:07:17.880 –> 00:07:20.460
Harvey Green: But I was just thinking, I wonder if I could have food as.

00:07:21.900 –> 00:07:22.920
Jirah Cox: Well, I have good news for you.

00:07:23.190 –> 00:07:30.450
Harvey Green: yeah right and that that just kept going all the way down to wow and all you can eat Buffet, it really is food as a sexy.

00:07:30.750 –> 00:07:31.950
Jirah Cox: yeah I mean.

00:07:33.360 –> 00:07:39.000
Jirah Cox: different in the different in the sense of like not the buffets that I gravitated towards of like I pay one price and I get more food.

00:07:39.330 –> 00:07:41.280
Harvey Green: But for sure kind of like.

00:07:41.610 –> 00:07:44.370
Jirah Cox: kind of like a lot of cloud services, you know use more pay more for sure yeah.

00:07:47.160 –> 00:07:50.700
Harvey Green: Oh, my gosh all right sorry i’m way off topic.

00:07:51.090 –> 00:07:56.700
Jirah Cox: I mean, welcome to the integrity door dash and brisket thing podcast.

00:07:58.080 –> 00:08:01.290
Jirah Cox: it’s it’s it might that might even be more popular than what we already do.

00:08:04.470 –> 00:08:06.750
Harvey Green: Wait can I consume it for free.

00:08:08.520 –> 00:08:11.070
Jirah Cox: Like yeah Oh, he can pull good pole like a podcast.

00:08:11.100 –> 00:08:12.180
Harvey Green: yeah you you.

00:08:13.230 –> 00:08:14.370
Harvey Green: You might get me on that.

00:08:17.340 –> 00:08:26.280
Harvey Green: um alright so So yes, economics, metal, you talked about and integrated with an equinox fabric.

00:08:27.930 –> 00:08:35.910
Harvey Green: Which again they’re saying connects customers to network content and cloud providers, using the the industry’s largest infrastructure ecosystem.

00:08:37.740 –> 00:08:54.720
Harvey Green: If if you’re already you know utilizing i’m going to X in any way, this is another way for you to continue to use the ethernet fabric, to have connectivity, not only to the public cloud but hey if you’re in there right connectivity the your stuff too right.

00:08:55.050 –> 00:08:57.810
Jirah Cox: yeah hundred percent like that use case of.

00:08:58.920 –> 00:09:06.000
Jirah Cox: You know, I have a certain whatever like a video rendering server or like a mainframe where it’s like physical and I have to give it a home in a data Center.

00:09:06.360 –> 00:09:22.350
Jirah Cox: That seems like a an easy use case of like Well, this is my gear, I have to maintain it own it it’d be in my cabinet but, but the rest of my workloads right can turn into like an as a service right that I get to toss on to me know economics economics metal right running the Jacks.

00:09:22.560 –> 00:09:29.850
Harvey Green: Man your your cabinet is so fancy you get you know that kind of equipment and I was just talking about my tape drives.

00:09:30.660 –> 00:09:31.230
Jirah Cox: I mean.

00:09:32.370 –> 00:09:37.380
Jirah Cox: No judgment, for whatever hardware, you know you have to design around and solve for.

00:09:38.670 –> 00:09:40.560
Jirah Cox: availability is availability, at the end of the day.

00:09:40.980 –> 00:09:43.020
Harvey Green: So right is right.

00:09:44.700 –> 00:09:48.570
Harvey Green: So it then the blog article goes into talking about.

00:09:49.980 –> 00:09:53.430
Harvey Green: The the standard in three large.

00:09:53.550 –> 00:09:57.570
Harvey Green: x86 servers and amd cpus.

00:09:58.110 –> 00:10:01.590
Harvey Green: What are they talking about you jerri, what are we talking about.

00:10:01.620 –> 00:10:09.900
Jirah Cox: Talking about just fantastic hardware as a service right so like amd epic cpus you know something something their epic I don’t know the trademark like.

00:10:10.170 –> 00:10:12.570
Jirah Cox: amd marketing off to just run with that i’m just the idea man.

00:10:13.740 –> 00:10:17.550
Jirah Cox: they’re fantastic right there very fast very broad high core count cpus.

00:10:19.050 –> 00:10:29.130
Jirah Cox: Greater running a ton of workloads right vdi especially but also high clock speed performance for databases server virtualization whatever you want to run there so fantastic cpus.

00:10:30.780 –> 00:10:40.980
Jirah Cox: Great storage with you know envy me platforms and then tailor bill amount of memory, so you know you can get the right solution for you and for your workloads going to deliver it as a service.

00:10:42.690 –> 00:10:47.250
Jirah Cox: On both hardware and software front through economics mental.

00:10:48.270 –> 00:11:00.690
Harvey Green: Oh, what about let’s say all my workloads and my cage you know that we talked about hesitate trials let’s let’s say is all until processes for everything, and you know until seller on no.

00:11:01.200 –> 00:11:01.890
Harvey Green: Oh wow.

00:11:03.360 –> 00:11:03.930
Big spender.

00:11:07.200 –> 00:11:11.220
Harvey Green: If i’ve got all Intel can I still use this amd stuff.

00:11:11.790 –> 00:11:12.480
Jirah Cox: Oh absolutely.

00:11:12.570 –> 00:11:19.440
Jirah Cox: And that even calls out one of the use cases later on in the article right like Why would I want to use us for the customer.

00:11:19.950 –> 00:11:33.870
Jirah Cox: Well, that means you could stand up a Dr environment instantly right replication allows for you to use those non matching cpu architectures I can replicate an Intel vm to an amd cluster or vice versa, without losing any sleep at all.

00:11:35.970 –> 00:11:52.290
Harvey Green: Wonderful that’s amazing so we go into talk about some other benefits around the solution, reducing overhead and achieving predictable op X, while lowering eagerness cosslett what was an eagerness cost of that a female eagle what does that.

00:11:53.070 –> 00:11:54.270
Jirah Cox: Nice so.

00:11:54.660 –> 00:12:03.330
Jirah Cox: If i’m looking to relocate my workloads right, I want to get rid of my on Prem Intel seller on tape drive based stack that i’ve been.

00:12:03.780 –> 00:12:09.900
Jirah Cox: shackled to and married and running for several years and I want to get to something more more modern right so i’m looking to move my workloads.

00:12:13.230 –> 00:12:13.860
Jirah Cox: That.

00:12:17.070 –> 00:12:17.910
Jirah Cox: derailed myself.

00:12:18.750 –> 00:12:19.440
Jirah Cox: With that joke.

00:12:20.670 –> 00:12:30.030
Jirah Cox: That that ability to relocate on to something that gives me operational costs without having to you know, make a big purchase for the next three years, five years, whatever it is.

00:12:31.290 –> 00:12:34.500
Jirah Cox: makes it much more predictable right and kind of can flatten out that spend.

00:12:37.050 –> 00:12:45.660
Jirah Cox: And then the easiest part, meaning that if I look to move that into say like a public cloud environment, those are almost always metered on how much data do I send out of the cloud.

00:12:47.100 –> 00:12:56.460
Jirah Cox: Whereas that’s a differentiator right with the economics powered offering is that is that you can enjoy a lower cost there as it’s called out.

00:13:00.090 –> 00:13:12.000
Harvey Green: I said I would be on topic it hasn’t happened yet, but that just made me think about the one at what I thought about eagerness costs just made me think about so they they they punish you for taking data out of the cloud.

00:13:15.300 –> 00:13:15.660
Harvey Green: A.

00:13:15.960 –> 00:13:16.680
Jirah Cox: good business model.

00:13:19.950 –> 00:13:28.080
Harvey Green: So next is automated deployments while eliminating the need to refactor applications when moving between location so.

00:13:29.130 –> 00:13:32.160
Harvey Green: let’s let’s let’s put that in in other English gyre.

00:13:32.490 –> 00:13:38.970
Jirah Cox: yeah I can think of tons of ways, the automation would apply to the stack both pay at the beginning, right the way it comes into life.

00:13:39.450 –> 00:13:49.800
Jirah Cox: With mechanics foundation, I can have clusters that go from like me, you know getting these nodes in the on demand portal to running cluster.

00:13:50.370 –> 00:14:00.060
Jirah Cox: Very quickly, power by automation from start to finish, but also if i’m a tanks customer will then all the automation i’ve already written for like vm creation replication.

00:14:00.720 –> 00:14:09.090
Jirah Cox: we’ve covered it before on other episodes right like with cross play the way that I can do you know if this then that automation with a new chantix.

00:14:09.660 –> 00:14:20.070
Jirah Cox: without even having to open up a code editor and do more powerful coi an API based automation all can apply them to my to my cloud based deployment right my economics cloud deployment.

00:14:21.240 –> 00:14:27.240
Harvey Green: Was I and he’s not here today, but I gotta say for his sake, this this better be good automation.

00:14:27.270 –> 00:14:30.090
Jirah Cox: This would all be the best automation.

00:14:31.350 –> 00:14:32.880
Harvey Green: This is better not be the best.

00:14:33.510 –> 00:14:37.620
Jirah Cox: That would be weird but this podcast is proudly anti bad automation.

00:14:37.830 –> 00:14:39.120
Harvey Green: Yes, yes.

00:14:40.830 –> 00:14:53.730
Harvey Green: Alright, the next one, was to lower costs with reserve capacity for predictable workloads and have on demand access and scalability for elastic workloads so that’s kind of like you do in a public cloud today right.

00:14:55.290 –> 00:15:01.200
Jirah Cox: Totally yeah it’s easy to imagine lots of customers that you know they they maintain like a prod Dev test environment.

00:15:01.800 –> 00:15:09.270
Jirah Cox: You know, will do I need all of those at the same time, maybe not you know if I do a monthly release of my software or do monthly big updates.

00:15:09.750 –> 00:15:16.890
Jirah Cox: Maybe that ability to burst and say I need an extra note or two for a while to test out clone some mediums and do my testing and validation.

00:15:17.400 –> 00:15:27.510
Jirah Cox: And then, once they’re done i’m back to just running in production throw them away if I don’t i’m not developing on those systems actively right or burstein s for seasonal workloads.

00:15:28.830 –> 00:15:37.920
Jirah Cox: Virtual desktops right if it’s you know if it’s tax season, I need a bunch more remote seats for CPA so remote into and get access to software or.

00:15:38.220 –> 00:15:48.300
Jirah Cox: Retail within a year, always going to burst the workloads right why why wouldn’t you want to be in an environment where you can get more when you need it, but be able to commit to less for steady state.

00:15:48.810 –> 00:15:50.430
Harvey Green: Yes, yes.

00:15:52.290 –> 00:16:00.090
Harvey Green: So the next paragraph answers the question that I was going to ask, but i’ll ask it anyway just fine.

00:16:01.680 –> 00:16:09.360
Harvey Green: i’m used to using you know prism to go in here, and you know do all my fancy things, including my good automation.

00:16:10.410 –> 00:16:13.830
Harvey Green: Can, can I just continue to use the same tools with this solution.

00:16:14.310 –> 00:16:29.400
Jirah Cox: Totally man yeah same look and feel same prison management console and access and infrastructure yeah so that ability to you know have us just a second availability zone to be managed by the same prison central you already use, perhaps you know super super easy.

00:16:29.670 –> 00:16:39.210
Harvey Green: Well, what if I want to do something like move my vm from from my on premise data Center to this this economic solution can I do that to.

00:16:39.600 –> 00:16:55.590
Jirah Cox: Total it right so like and built in vm replication migration, whether it’s you know live migration or like a powered off like disaster recovery all that’s natively built in the attacks, and that would apply to these nodes on economics as well.

00:16:56.040 –> 00:16:57.780
Harvey Green: So, then, can I bring it back.

00:16:58.770 –> 00:17:03.720
Jirah Cox: Totally man reversing application is is it’s right there natively in the box.

00:17:04.320 –> 00:17:06.870
Harvey Green: Nice nice so.

00:17:07.980 –> 00:17:17.700
Harvey Green: I mean, I definitely like that part of the solution for sure if I set this up as my dvr Does that mean, I can get rid of my tapes.

00:17:19.650 –> 00:17:22.410
Jirah Cox: I mean we’d want to probably have a business Center conversation around.

00:17:22.410 –> 00:17:24.660
Jirah Cox: Like what’s your availability plan, but.

00:17:24.870 –> 00:17:26.160
Jirah Cox: Oh, my gosh I sure hope so.

00:17:29.520 –> 00:17:35.010
Harvey Green: I don’t know something that would just take the place of the tapes Jared bit nothing’s coming nothing’s come yet.

00:17:35.220 –> 00:17:36.330
Jirah Cox: Hard drives are pretty big.

00:17:36.660 –> 00:17:39.930
Jirah Cox: Article 10 X 10 X objects nodes are massive now.

00:17:40.260 –> 00:17:42.240
Jirah Cox: Like I think we can solve that problem.

00:17:43.980 –> 00:17:44.310
Jirah Cox: love it.

00:17:46.560 –> 00:17:49.980
Harvey Green: Alright, so the next piece of the article goes into.

00:17:51.180 –> 00:18:00.270
Harvey Green: chat tackling your most challenging use cases and they talk through data Center consolidation on demand elasticity.

00:18:00.840 –> 00:18:10.620
Harvey Green: cloud adoption and migration and disaster recovery we’ve already kind of talked about disaster recovery and we’ve already talked about some some of the on demand stuff.

00:18:11.190 –> 00:18:18.720
Harvey Green: let’s let’s talk through number three cloud adoption and migration, how does this help me adopt to cloud is just not really cloud chair.

00:18:20.010 –> 00:18:22.140
Jirah Cox: I mean, is it not really quite Harvey.

00:18:22.590 –> 00:18:24.210
Harvey Green: I don’t know what it’s what i’m asking.

00:18:25.470 –> 00:18:28.200
Jirah Cox: yeah with that ability to say you know it’s available on demand.

00:18:29.250 –> 00:18:29.730
Jirah Cox: it’s.

00:18:30.990 –> 00:18:37.980
Jirah Cox: it’s something I can get operationally and then you know, using that clinics locations right for metals available.

00:18:38.430 –> 00:18:45.960
Jirah Cox: I can even then get geographic presence right rapidly in a place where I needed it so that’s I think why it really scratches a lot of the public cloud ages.

00:18:46.350 –> 00:18:55.680
Jirah Cox: is to say, you know I need this here now for a certain duration or forever, but you know your choice rapidly available right on demand so.

00:18:56.670 –> 00:18:58.050
Harvey Green: So it is kind of like trash.

00:18:58.320 –> 00:18:59.490
Jirah Cox: Can I think after the exam.

00:19:01.800 –> 00:19:11.910
Jirah Cox: And then also like like the call here public cloud Jason see right so when you do need to get from your vm out to like a public cloud service or they can call earlier like a content repository.

00:19:13.200 –> 00:19:15.510
Jirah Cox: or CD ends Those are all hop away.

00:19:17.280 –> 00:19:29.910
Harvey Green: So the the actually the first one that was listed here we go into that one a little bit more data Center consolidation i’m not out of order but hey I get to make the world’s today.

00:19:30.870 –> 00:19:31.980
Jirah Cox: What does it really actually.

00:19:35.070 –> 00:19:46.590
Harvey Green: So it talks about you know, with the new tannic from equinox metal you can decommission and consolidate existing data centers or more easily accommodate mergers and acquisition acquisitions.

00:19:47.700 –> 00:19:53.580
Harvey Green: And this includes the ability to lift and shift traditional workloads without refactoring let’s be factoring jar.

00:19:55.500 –> 00:19:56.280
Jirah Cox: different direction there.

00:19:56.400 –> 00:19:57.720
Jirah Cox: I had a hold of their answer teed up.

00:19:57.810 –> 00:20:07.560
Jirah Cox: So refactoring would be like you know breaking down an application to consume more basic services right so rather than like a giant next next finish.

00:20:07.920 –> 00:20:20.550
Jirah Cox: MSI installer that you run in a server that’s like the one installer you might you know break that down to be like well, I have a front end and I have got some middleware and a load balancers at the front and database back with different clustering.

00:20:21.900 –> 00:20:32.370
Jirah Cox: And and converting a lot of those out of these giants are in guest os MSI Installers down to more granular cloud services right often containerized.

00:20:33.270 –> 00:20:40.260
Jirah Cox: and getting the ability to to change up your availability model from you know I run one server.

00:20:40.650 –> 00:20:52.830
Jirah Cox: To maybe I run three of those web server front ends and I may be around to application middleware layers of your own five database back end and I can change my availability and scale out each level of the application independently.

00:20:54.330 –> 00:20:59.400
Jirah Cox: gives you a lot of agility as the application architect, but also as a whole ton of work so.

00:20:59.490 –> 00:21:09.240
Jirah Cox: yeah one of the benefits of doing that, on the Titanic is I can we can run both very well right so whether it’s the you know the MSI in a giant monolithic virtual machine.

00:21:09.720 –> 00:21:15.870
Jirah Cox: Or the next gen APP service running on containers with different availability models different data persistence models.

00:21:16.350 –> 00:21:26.610
Jirah Cox: We can do both of those even on the same cluster very, very well, so that it lets you refactor those applications at your own pace, you know, in an environment that you control.

00:21:27.300 –> 00:21:36.840
Harvey Green: yeah so we definitely got a lot of customers that that would be something very advantageous for they’ve done a lot of.

00:21:37.590 –> 00:21:51.210
Harvey Green: A lot of you know, having to refactor at i’ll take this APP that we created in house and we need to make it work somewhere else besides this windows 2003 server we still got hanging out.

00:21:52.500 –> 00:21:53.670
Jirah Cox: backed up to the tapes right.

00:21:53.760 –> 00:21:55.620
Harvey Green: back to the tapes you better believe.

00:21:58.620 –> 00:22:10.170
Harvey Green: i’m so kind of the other side of that spectrum is it talks about the ability to easier accommodate mergers and acquisitions, how does this make that easier dire.

00:22:10.770 –> 00:22:20.070
Jirah Cox: yeah that one I really love the point that the article makes their around we’ve always talked about eugenics platforms as a very scalable technology, and they are.

00:22:21.750 –> 00:22:29.040
Jirah Cox: When you run that on Prem and like your own data Center that’s that’s certainly sort of like subject to your hardware procurement timelines.

00:22:30.060 –> 00:22:40.140
Jirah Cox: With this that ability to say grow on demand is really much more unconstrained right, I can just you know I can wish for a new node and it kind of becomes available to me much more rapidly.

00:22:40.920 –> 00:22:52.740
Jirah Cox: And the way I can use that to say oh wait what we’re acquiring what company where okay yeah no problem i’ll just put in for three more nodes will be able to replicate their vm to our stack and then decommission their stack jobs done.

00:22:53.820 –> 00:22:56.130
Jirah Cox: can really make a lot of people’s lives much easier.

00:22:56.760 –> 00:23:13.350
Harvey Green: So as as an IT admin who’s who’s had to go through mergers and acquisitions before you mean they when they tell me if this merger is going to happen when they say oh happened in three days and really they meant three minutes I can actually respond to that.

00:23:13.950 –> 00:23:32.490
Jirah Cox: And all all about empowering right like we want to have to be hopefully the opposite of I think my record from customers i’ve worked with for like legacy actor director domains that are just sort of like hanging out they’re not retired yet is like seven domains from the last six acquisitions.

00:23:33.990 –> 00:23:35.460
Jirah Cox: let’s let’s do the opposite of that.

00:23:36.210 –> 00:23:38.940
Harvey Green: Yes, yes please check that.

00:23:43.410 –> 00:23:54.330
Harvey Green: The next piece is around a better solution for disaster recovery which we already kind of hit on but let’s let’s talk through the the pieces of this so.

00:23:55.680 –> 00:24:05.010
Harvey Green: You know the article goes on the same attended cloud platform on equities metal extends the full lieutenants data protection stack to equipment, including.

00:24:05.700 –> 00:24:18.000
Harvey Green: The tactics ALS software license mobility non disruptive Dr testing and clean up automated fail over and fail back because that automation where it again and the automation.

00:24:19.980 –> 00:24:25.380
Harvey Green: The ability to connect all your distributed infrastructure with economics fabric so.

00:24:26.520 –> 00:24:29.160
Harvey Green: gyro what what in the world does all this mean.

00:24:29.970 –> 00:24:34.920
Jirah Cox: I mean it just sounds like an easier simpler, more powerful Dr offering right so that.

00:24:36.210 –> 00:24:47.010
Jirah Cox: You know licensed mobility, means that we can use a software platform it’s not tied to like the hardware it’s currently running on and wouldn’t it make sense to move that stack running your enterprise Apps it’s portable.

00:24:48.900 –> 00:24:50.880
Jirah Cox: Non disruptive Dr testing and clean up.

00:24:52.110 –> 00:24:53.970
Jirah Cox: My goodness, please, and thank you right like.

00:24:54.360 –> 00:24:55.320
Jirah Cox: that’s what we want to help it.

00:24:55.560 –> 00:25:05.220
Jirah Cox: Help every application owner, be able to say yeah we do quarterly monthly weekly hey how about more good automation right like a nightly.

00:25:05.730 –> 00:25:20.070
Jirah Cox: automated Dr test right of like we have the latest snapshot I power, the vm is up in a bubble I get health checks from all of them, Dr tests successful boom, you know throw them all away and and you know represent application never even stopped, why did my test.

00:25:21.180 –> 00:25:27.750
Jirah Cox: And then, when I do want to fail over right my run book can already be written to say these vm star first those vm seem to get VIP these can.

00:25:28.320 –> 00:25:40.710
Jirah Cox: pull a new days to be least because they don’t matter or you know update the load balancer this way all update all the automation into a run book, be able to just execute it rapidly fail over and then hey fail back as well.

00:25:42.390 –> 00:25:50.550
Jirah Cox: And then, when you do when you do fail over and running in economics fabric right get fantastic network connectivity to all the other things that are in orbit around your applications.

00:25:51.930 –> 00:25:54.330
Jirah Cox: Just sounds like a better, more powerful, more simple.

00:25:56.160 –> 00:26:00.090
Jirah Cox: more thorough, hopefully, Dr coverage for about the bottom.

00:26:01.050 –> 00:26:11.310
Harvey Green: Nice so at the end here it’s got a way that you can find out more and normally we say you can just go up to test drive the test drive a gyro I can you do that today.

00:26:11.850 –> 00:26:16.830
Jirah Cox: Well, in one sense, you could write because it’s gonna run regular ios so all the prison will look and feel the exact same way.

00:26:18.450 –> 00:26:23.220
Jirah Cox: So the exact same software stack that you’re familiar with from new chantix can that’s exactly what runs on Linux metal.

00:26:25.620 –> 00:26:32.130
Jirah Cox: yeah and, beyond that, of course, you know excellent to hear from you, if you wanted to hear more about about the solution and talk about the how it fits your needs.

00:26:32.310 –> 00:26:38.430
Harvey Green: And and that’s The wonderful thing about it right you you go out to test drive and you test drive what’s already there.

00:26:38.730 –> 00:26:41.250
Harvey Green: it’s going to look and feel the exact same.

00:26:41.250 –> 00:26:50.880
Harvey Green: way running from economics, that it does from your data Center that it does from aws that it does from azure as soon as jarrod presses the button.

00:26:53.430 –> 00:26:54.570
Jirah Cox: Trying to keep putting it on the Harvey.

00:26:55.410 –> 00:26:58.650
Harvey Green: yeah I know it’s probably sitting right in front of you flashing to.

00:26:58.920 –> 00:27:00.540
Jirah Cox: it’s a it’s a real character flaw in my part.

00:27:02.610 –> 00:27:11.070
Harvey Green: I got one more for you guys are on that we haven’t addressed either this is this kind of in this article, but not in the same way.

00:27:12.480 –> 00:27:21.780
Harvey Green: I keep breathing through here and i’ve said it a few times 10 is cloud platform that sounds differently, and we were talking before what’s what’s the difference there.

00:27:22.860 –> 00:27:38.430
Jirah Cox: yeah so um yeah excellent platform we we skipped over blog posts folks should go read it for for the full rundown or so, our latest branding and marketing and packaging for our intake software stack so the cloud platform right lets you.

00:27:39.630 –> 00:27:43.950
Jirah Cox: run your applications on a combination of tanks cloud infrastructure and cloud management.

00:27:45.000 –> 00:27:46.770
Jirah Cox: it’s the same mechanics you already know, in love.

00:27:47.970 –> 00:27:56.430
Jirah Cox: With a few different three letter acronyms attached to it that give customers either more mobility and flexibility to solve business problems.

00:27:56.910 –> 00:28:09.600
Harvey Green: You know, and we should probably go back through that one one day you just mark that in your in your mind there so that we can do that you actually just write yourself a sticky note and stick it right next to that as your button.

00:28:14.430 –> 00:28:14.790
Harvey Green: alright.

00:28:15.480 –> 00:28:16.140
Jirah Cox: he’s in the fridge.

00:28:20.700 –> 00:28:22.200
Harvey Green: you’ll find them when you get hungry, though.

00:28:22.410 –> 00:28:23.130
Jirah Cox: yeah sure well.

00:28:26.280 –> 00:28:33.630
Harvey Green: Jared thanks for joining me today and to go over go over this with us, we look forward to the next one, with the Sir.

00:28:34.140 –> 00:28:35.160
Jirah Cox: yeah man likewise man.

00:28:35.700 –> 00:28:39.120
Harvey Green: Who are full of knowledge, so we appreciate you sharing it with us.

00:28:39.270 –> 00:28:39.870
Jirah Cox: always a pleasure.

00:28:40.770 –> 00:28:51.300
Harvey Green: Alright, thanks, a lot everybody and don’t forget integrity hosting lieutenants classes, we do we actually I forgot to even bring this up, we normally do one a month.

00:28:52.680 –> 00:29:03.690
Harvey Green: This month we’re starting with to the first one is the same one The first one is the same one that we always do around ALS and HIV kind of what I call them the.

00:29:04.860 –> 00:29:05.490
Harvey Green: course.

00:29:06.870 –> 00:29:21.090
Harvey Green: This time, we are actually adding in a separate one and i’ll make you laugh gyro we just went over how names have changed right, this one is for new tannic era, what is the new name for new tonics era.

00:29:21.360 –> 00:29:22.680
Jirah Cox: Oh, they take database platform.

00:29:22.920 –> 00:29:29.550
Harvey Green: mechanics data place beta messing it up myself the standards database platform so.

00:29:30.570 –> 00:29:43.110
Harvey Green: definitely go out this integrity calm and and sign up for the new workshop We look forward to being able to teach everyone a couple new tricks that they all know yet and expand.

00:29:43.500 –> 00:29:49.080
Harvey Green: Your knowledge of some of the other offerings that new tannic has as well, so definitely looking forward to that.

00:29:50.370 –> 00:29:51.030
Harvey Green: and

00:29:52.800 –> 00:29:54.750
Harvey Green: Derek thanks, we appreciate it, so I.

00:29:55.200 –> 00:29:55.950
Jirah Cox: do appreciate you.

00:29:56.190 –> 00:29:56.460
Jirah Cox: Thank you.

00:29:57.090 –> 00:29:57.600
Harvey Green: All right.