33: Nutanix Weekly: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Nutanix and Microsoft Azure – Part 2

Oct 29, 2021

In recent years, and the last 18 months in particular, IT teams have been under pressure to become more agile to support an increasingly hybrid workplace amidst ever evolving business needs. Many businesses have packed years’ worth of digital transformation efforts into a short span of time while operating under reduced budgets. Both private and public cloud vendors are striving to better serve their customers’ needs, which frequently includes running workloads on a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, dictated by workload and business needs. 

While the idea of a Hybrid Cloud architecture has been around for a while, there have been several challenges that prevented rapid adoption of hybrid cloud platforms. Managing complex networking between on-premises datacenters and public clouds has been a long-standing obstacle, and re-architecting legacy applications for the cloud can be time-consuming and expensive. Another issue has been the inefficiency created by silos of using multiple different management tools for various clouds.

To address these challenges and power their customers IT needs to the next level, Nutanix is collaborating with Microsoft on hybrid cloud solutions that help blend the boundaries between cloud and on-premises for a true hybrid cloud experience.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Harvey Green
Co-Host: Jirah Cox


00:00:02.580 –> 00:00:10.349
Andy Whiteside: Hello everyone and welcome to episode 33 of new tactics weekly that’s right it’s the Larry bird episode, we were just joking about that before we hit record.

00:00:11.429 –> 00:00:13.320
Andy Whiteside: People my generation just automatically think.

00:00:14.370 –> 00:00:20.280
Andy Whiteside: 33 years later bird unless you grew up where I grew up in 33 also is equals a racecar driver name here again.

00:00:20.700 –> 00:00:25.860
Andy Whiteside: In the world of nascar which i’m sure everybody else is like just like Harvey is right now i’m shaking their head going.

00:00:26.550 –> 00:00:37.680
Andy Whiteside: To even bring that up I don’t know but we’re gonna move on anyway Harvey Greens with me Harvey and I last week at a conference we’re heading to Philadelphia for edgy calls to be with the new techniques and citrix folks Harvey how’s it going.

00:00:38.070 –> 00:00:39.720
Harvey Green: i’m doing well, how are you.

00:00:39.990 –> 00:00:43.080
Andy Whiteside: your wife mad about travel and stuff already got two weeks are.

00:00:44.160 –> 00:00:49.110
Harvey Green: Only when i’m gone so right now i’m safe and not so much tomorrow.

00:00:50.100 –> 00:00:58.440
Andy Whiteside: yeah well we get speaking of traveling got jarrod Cox with this as always gyro was saying before we hit record how grateful I was for you to jump on it cuz you’re always so knowledgeable and.

00:00:58.860 –> 00:01:04.110
Andy Whiteside: You know I talked to people as i’m out and about and they talk about how much value you add all this, so thank you and public here.

00:01:04.410 –> 00:01:06.660
Jirah Cox: My pleasure man, this is a lot of fun thank y’all for let me do it.

00:01:07.260 –> 00:01:09.990
Andy Whiteside: Speaking of traveling you still have a bunch of moving boxes behind you.

00:01:10.680 –> 00:01:11.880
Jirah Cox: So it’s it’s a process.

00:01:13.020 –> 00:01:19.230
Harvey Green: I think, is, I think, is not a real thing he just did this, to make us feel nervous and stuff.

00:01:21.150 –> 00:01:29.130
Jirah Cox: So I don’t know if we’ve even talked about that, on the on the show so i’m in the process of packing up in Charlotte moving to the raleigh area for a little down the road relocation so.

00:01:30.090 –> 00:01:37.560
Jirah Cox: we’re in the process of right now we’re in that phase where you can get like a few minutes notice and it’s like leave your House for showing you know let’s unveils come wander around.

00:01:39.030 –> 00:01:40.620
Jirah Cox: Your House you know unsupervised.

00:01:40.980 –> 00:01:41.880
Jirah Cox: it’s great, let me tell you.

00:01:42.930 –> 00:01:46.950
Andy Whiteside: I can see what I see there is that a basement or is that, like your main living or.

00:01:48.720 –> 00:01:54.570
Jirah Cox: Not which of those is worse, no, this is just this is just my office is one of the bedrooms in the House here.

00:01:54.900 –> 00:01:58.920
Jirah Cox: yeah Okay, it looks like a wreck so i’m trying to think what would be worse for it to be like a basement.

00:02:00.360 –> 00:02:02.760
Jirah Cox: it’s terrible actually have a sign on the door like.

00:02:03.000 –> 00:02:06.450
Jirah Cox: Blaming like you know you’re allowed to look in here, but like don’t judge me.

00:02:09.780 –> 00:02:16.830
Andy Whiteside: yeah I just imagine in my world historically I somebody opens the door like Oh, my goodness, what is this computer troll that lives in here and they just shut the door.

00:02:18.360 –> 00:02:21.660
Jirah Cox: And this is this is mostly cleaned out a lot of stuff in storage.

00:02:23.340 –> 00:02:27.540
Andy Whiteside: But do you have like a server you have a server rack and all the other it madness people like.

00:02:28.560 –> 00:02:34.800
Jirah Cox: we’re thinning out we’re doing to a MAC mini nas and a couple of desktops that mostly get me by.

00:02:35.190 –> 00:02:44.280
Andy Whiteside: When I when I sold my house before the last one in my laundry might put a shelf and I literally had 12 little mini servers because I used to teach workshops out of my house.

00:02:44.940 –> 00:02:52.020
Andy Whiteside: running on the in my laundry room at any point time I turn them all on sound like space sound like a airplane was gonna take off in there for a little while.

00:02:52.470 –> 00:03:06.390
Jirah Cox: So yeah our House, a couple years old, so it has that kind of you know pre built wiring stuff and there’s a little plastic wiring wiring thing in the in the laundry room and my firewall doesn’t fit in it so it’s just bolted onto the side of the wall next to it looks great.

00:03:06.390 –> 00:03:06.990
Jirah Cox: I tell you.

00:03:08.250 –> 00:03:09.120
Jirah Cox: it’s various that.

00:03:09.600 –> 00:03:23.010
Andy Whiteside: that’s exactly why I had a adele checkpoint at a checkpoint router mounted to the wall my laundry room and i’m sure people came in and thought of some kind of magical AV solution or something I don’t know I I charged extra for that.

00:03:25.230 –> 00:03:33.750
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so we were chit chatting as we got started here and we we realized that there’s a part two of the.

00:03:34.650 –> 00:03:40.170
Andy Whiteside: As your clusters, excuse me intended clusters on azure that we never got to and never finished, a couple weeks ago.

00:03:40.680 –> 00:03:51.390
Andy Whiteside: So I don’t know how in the world, we go about possibly recapping what we covered so far, other than to say if you’re not familiar with it’s it’s currently in pre release right is it live or is it not live at this point.

00:03:51.450 –> 00:03:52.020
it’s in preview.

00:03:53.700 –> 00:04:04.350
Andy Whiteside: that’s what i’m in preview um we talked about that a couple weeks ago back go back and listen to Part one we talked about what new tactics, is doing we’re calling a clusters to write recalling clusters, is that the right way to.

00:04:04.410 –> 00:04:04.920
Jirah Cox: address it.

00:04:05.190 –> 00:04:07.260
Jirah Cox: would be yep closers on azure.

00:04:07.950 –> 00:04:24.600
Andy Whiteside: Which is essentially new tactics, as the operating system on top of new tonics Acropolis hypervisor on top of as your compute physical bare metal resources in various as your Microsoft azure data centers and more to come right.

00:04:25.170 –> 00:04:29.670
Jirah Cox: All I think I think 100% true yeah and i’ll send it right to me about.

00:04:30.360 –> 00:04:32.880
Jirah Cox: The job you know, a way to a way to use.

00:04:32.910 –> 00:04:45.360
Jirah Cox: cloud providers offering you know bare metal instances hardware as a service to form the tax clusters and give you another leg in your you know hybrid multi cloud deployment.

00:04:46.500 –> 00:04:50.250
Andy Whiteside: So jarrod you had a action item from from the last one Do you remember what it was.

00:04:51.030 –> 00:04:53.010
Jirah Cox: No, I think you’re right to remind me.

00:04:53.430 –> 00:05:00.750
Andy Whiteside: uh well I don’t think you officially had it so don’t feel like you had to have an answer, but when I say it, you guys are buzzing about oh yeah we meant to fear that we, we were.

00:05:01.080 –> 00:05:08.760
Andy Whiteside: I still have the question do I get the windows client os aka windows 10 windows 11 entitlements if I run.

00:05:09.120 –> 00:05:21.660
Andy Whiteside: In azure but not directly on on native azure but I run on top of something I need to do, I get the Multi session windows 10 windows 11 do I get the subscription benefits of scripts subscription ios versus having to bring my own.

00:05:23.700 –> 00:05:29.070
Jirah Cox: got it yeah yeah I think I think I said i’ll check out of that just to be polite for the recording but I don’t.

00:05:29.190 –> 00:05:31.740
Jirah Cox: I don’t even know what where I go to get that answer for you buddy.

00:05:33.570 –> 00:05:37.380
Jirah Cox: I mean, maybe somebody with an at Microsoft COM email address.

00:05:37.770 –> 00:05:41.760
Andy Whiteside: I can tell you i’ve been asking those at Microsoft guys forever and they never know the answer to.

00:05:41.760 –> 00:05:42.480
Andy Whiteside: That when it’s like.

00:05:42.720 –> 00:05:48.600
Andy Whiteside: To me it’s mainstream you know, one of the top things we need to know if we’re going to move our desktop and APP workloads.

00:05:48.840 –> 00:05:59.280
Andy Whiteside: into azure is it do I get that there’s benefits if I put it on top of other things there’s there’s still getting the azure compute you think the answer would be yes, all things driving as your consumption, but I just don’t know.

00:06:00.510 –> 00:06:19.440
Harvey Green: Oh i’m going to go with no, and the reason i’m giving my qualified, though, is because the only place that you can get windows 10 multi session is in the azure gallery which you would not be using if you’re using clusters hmm.

00:06:20.730 –> 00:06:21.360
Andy Whiteside: Now is that a.

00:06:22.440 –> 00:06:27.330
Andy Whiteside: eula enforce thing or technically, the only thing will work with windows 10 multi session and azure is from the gallery.

00:06:27.570 –> 00:06:34.980
Harvey Green: It is the only way, you can get the the actual ISO image to install multi session is the gallery.

00:06:35.790 –> 00:06:38.700
Andy Whiteside: Is that one of the weather, where there’s a will there’s a way kind of things.

00:06:38.970 –> 00:06:47.040
Harvey Green: I mean i’m guessing after you have the ISO you can do whatever you want with it, but that would be eula in forest.

00:06:47.940 –> 00:06:48.930
Andy Whiteside: Maybe maybe not.

00:06:49.350 –> 00:06:50.940
Harvey Green: I don’t know I still go.

00:06:53.490 –> 00:06:55.680
Harvey Green: Andy this slope is not desolate very.

00:06:57.900 –> 00:06:59.940
Andy Whiteside: Well, you can tell, I want the answer to be yes.

00:06:59.940 –> 00:07:01.080
Harvey Green: Call I know you do.

00:07:01.530 –> 00:07:03.030
Andy Whiteside: Another world of opportunity.

00:07:03.090 –> 00:07:11.280
Harvey Green: I mean, so the answer is if there’s a will there’s a way, but that would not be a supported way.

00:07:12.600 –> 00:07:13.260
Harvey Green: How about that.

00:07:14.280 –> 00:07:17.070
Jirah Cox: Oh hello, yes licensing police, yes, this podcast right here.

00:07:19.830 –> 00:07:24.930
Andy Whiteside: I don’t know if he meant that in terms of licensing support or technical support or both.

00:07:28.350 –> 00:07:32.700
Harvey Green: The answer is no, unless your name is Andy and then the answer is.

00:07:33.450 –> 00:07:33.900
Andy Whiteside: Still, no.

00:07:33.960 –> 00:07:34.530
But every.

00:07:37.920 –> 00:07:47.040
Andy Whiteside: I get it, I get, I just wanted to be yes, I think it it helps everybody involved if if the answer is yes, as long as it’s an azure and you know you have this whole.

00:07:49.110 –> 00:07:59.190
Andy Whiteside: Anti trust and monopoly type thing from way back when I I don’t know how you can say you can do it in our data Center on our stuff but not in our data Center on somebody else’s stuff on top of our stuff.

00:07:59.850 –> 00:08:03.090
Andy Whiteside: i’m like what at some point when does it become right and When does it become wrong.

00:08:03.480 –> 00:08:04.620
Jirah Cox: Well, I mean.

00:08:06.660 –> 00:08:24.600
Jirah Cox: Microsoft in 2021 would never lose that antitrust lawsuit in today’s climate right, like any tech company worth you know more than my house does way more non competitive things when right the antitrust things today right from lockdown browsers to email clients to.

00:08:25.920 –> 00:08:34.590
Jirah Cox: You know mailing lists to use are you you can’t do that in our os like it’s almost I think it’s almost funny to think back and say.

00:08:34.920 –> 00:08:45.180
Jirah Cox: Wait so they lost that because they just included, ie with a windows build in a world where a 30 megabyte download took all night and you hoped you didn’t get a call yeah.

00:08:45.270 –> 00:09:00.990
Harvey Green: yeah it is yes, it was exactly the same, for you know you type something into chrome and you get results from Google right that’s not a huge surprise, but for some reason people didn’t like that.

00:09:01.320 –> 00:09:07.440
Andy Whiteside: Well, I equated to the old world world enough for this where you would buy an aftermarket radio and put in your car.

00:09:08.070 –> 00:09:20.280
Andy Whiteside: You can’t do that anymore I don’t think because the cars have all these very highly integrated radios you know, does it do the radio companies Sue Toyota because you can’t but one of the radios anymore.

00:09:20.430 –> 00:09:27.420
Harvey Green: So that that’s actually an interesting topic and need because that’s another situation of where there’s a will there’s a way.

00:09:28.590 –> 00:09:35.400
Harvey Green: You can get that you can get that aftermarket radio in there it’s just they can’t account for what your dash looks like after that.

00:09:35.640 –> 00:09:37.290
Harvey Green: Right or lack thereof.

00:09:37.500 –> 00:09:44.610
Andy Whiteside: Well, and that’s kind of my point here, too, is what makes it Nice and all the great things that could come with the ability to have this run on top of.

00:09:44.880 –> 00:09:57.960
Andy Whiteside: Non native azure but still azure I mean it’s a win, for I think everybody I don’t know that Microsoft loses they get more consumption, if that happens, I think, well, maybe not the Multi session thing that’s counter kind of counter maybe.

00:09:58.200 –> 00:09:58.680
Andy Whiteside: They get to work.

00:10:01.890 –> 00:10:02.220
Harvey Green: yeah.

00:10:03.870 –> 00:10:15.210
Andy Whiteside: All right, well nonetheless i’ve got on the screen here our listeners can’t but our viewers, eventually, will be able to see what we’re talking about, I think, where we left off was network and storage architecture um.

00:10:15.480 –> 00:10:15.900
Harvey Green: I don’t know I.

00:10:16.020 –> 00:10:24.390
Harvey Green: gotta say anything before we jump into that it is very nice to have you back because I can’t play devil’s advocate nearly as well as you.

00:10:26.160 –> 00:10:29.400
Andy Whiteside: know, I agree, I listened to it and did you guys do a great job but.

00:10:34.380 –> 00:10:35.340
Harvey Green: saying you guys.

00:10:36.960 –> 00:10:37.980
Andy Whiteside: know I.

00:10:39.060 –> 00:10:42.870
Andy Whiteside: I just have a way of being an ass so that I challenge.

00:10:43.680 –> 00:10:45.270
Andy Whiteside: challenge the concepts.

00:10:47.610 –> 00:10:50.400
Andy Whiteside: And still come off hopefully a little likable not a lot like a little like.

00:10:53.100 –> 00:10:53.670
Harvey Green: I love.

00:10:55.350 –> 00:10:57.030
Andy Whiteside: You guys do a great job without me I.

00:10:58.380 –> 00:11:00.420
Andy Whiteside: Love doing it, and hopefully come across that.

00:11:01.020 –> 00:11:06.330
Harvey Green: yeah oh absolutely Yes, this is very good actually to to have that.

00:11:06.360 –> 00:11:08.790
Harvey Green: challenge built in I enjoy.

00:11:08.790 –> 00:11:09.120

00:11:10.830 –> 00:11:12.630
Harvey Green: As you can tell, because i’m still here right.

00:11:20.520 –> 00:11:22.020
Harvey Green: Andy is talking but I cannot.

00:11:22.020 –> 00:11:23.220
Andy Whiteside: hear him is that meet.

00:11:25.050 –> 00:11:25.350
Harvey Green: me.

00:11:25.980 –> 00:11:26.400
Jirah Cox: Welcome to.

00:11:28.110 –> 00:11:29.100
Jirah Cox: drop a marker here.

00:11:31.950 –> 00:11:32.970
Andy Whiteside: Are the edits that.

00:11:33.720 –> 00:11:34.110
Jirah Cox: Right.

00:11:34.200 –> 00:11:34.920
Probably don’t happen.

00:11:44.310 –> 00:11:45.690
We still have the screen.

00:11:49.110 –> 00:11:51.390
Harvey Green: I can see you, but I cannot hear you.

00:11:51.870 –> 00:11:52.650
Harvey Green: Yes, hi.

00:11:53.040 –> 00:11:55.590
Harvey Green: Hello we’re waving at him for those.

00:11:55.590 –> 00:11:56.070
Andy Whiteside: of you and.

00:11:56.250 –> 00:11:57.750
Jirah Cox: podcast space there you go.

00:11:57.810 –> 00:11:58.620
Jirah Cox: we’ll put up a.

00:11:58.890 –> 00:11:59.520
picture Harvey.

00:12:01.980 –> 00:12:04.710
Jirah Cox: Those two and three are waving it hosts one shaking their head.

00:12:05.670 –> 00:12:07.020
Andy Whiteside: about now.

00:12:07.230 –> 00:12:08.790
Jirah Cox: hey welcome back.

00:12:09.060 –> 00:12:12.270
Andy Whiteside: I don’t understand I just had to switch microphone my microphone die.

00:12:15.180 –> 00:12:16.380
Jirah Cox: This is what people didn’t enforce.

00:12:17.040 –> 00:12:18.450
Harvey Green: Right right.

00:12:18.780 –> 00:12:28.830
Andy Whiteside: So what I was getting ready to say is I came to the realization not too long ago that these conversations we have during these podcasts are the conversations that I wish I could have when i’m at the.

00:12:29.610 –> 00:12:38.760
Andy Whiteside: The the parties or whatever I go to with my wife or my kids and my family on the weekend and i’m talking to the other dads and I want to talk about this stuff but they don’t want to talk about this stuff.

00:12:38.790 –> 00:12:42.420
Harvey Green: ya know that it gets you kicked out of a party pretty quickly.

00:12:42.960 –> 00:12:46.890
Jirah Cox: I mean just need to pick better parties all the parties, I go to we get this like what cloud stuff.

00:12:49.500 –> 00:13:02.130
Andy Whiteside: I don’t know how you do, that my friend my wife’s friends husbands and I cannot talk about this stuff there’s one guy that talks to me about this, and he seemed genuinely interested, but at the same time, I think he’s just being Nice.

00:13:03.420 –> 00:13:03.930
Harvey Green: tyra.

00:13:04.140 –> 00:13:09.270
Jirah Cox: Well, I must not going to define party or frequency or friend these.

00:13:09.660 –> 00:13:10.800
Harvey Green: pumps up over there.

00:13:11.010 –> 00:13:13.800
Harvey Green: or he’s gonna be looking for whatever you’re talking about.

00:13:15.390 –> 00:13:16.710
Andy Whiteside: A movie gyros neverland.

00:13:16.890 –> 00:13:22.560
Jirah Cox: You only go to parties at cloud conferences all your parties talk about clouds so it works.

00:13:22.620 –> 00:13:27.060
Harvey Green: You keep it up and i’ll put it on one of those mysterious showings where you got to get out of the House and.

00:13:31.380 –> 00:13:38.250
Andy Whiteside: It goes to switch back to Mother Mike but first i’m gonna ask direct questions are we left off with this network and storage architecture.

00:13:38.850 –> 00:13:47.490
Andy Whiteside: You want to try to help us between the picture in the couple paragraphs that are here understand what new tech new tannic says, highlighting for new tannic clusters on azure.

00:13:48.030 –> 00:13:59.010
Jirah Cox: Totally so the some of the big takeaways around quality of life, ease of use right are the sort of the simplicity of the way you can you can integrate.

00:14:00.060 –> 00:14:11.370
Jirah Cox: New tanks cluster into your existing topology if you already have probably infrastructure deployed running an azure you want, or if you need to build a you know relocate vm they’re coming from the phoenix cluster.

00:14:12.930 –> 00:14:16.980
Jirah Cox: To keep on using functionality you’re already used to write your next flow mechanics.

00:14:18.270 –> 00:14:29.220
Jirah Cox: mechanics era for like database automation but you also want maybe cloud a Jason Z right you want close proximity low latency to get connected cloud native services right we’re highlighting here so i’m like you know blob storage.

00:14:30.270 –> 00:14:35.670
Jirah Cox: You know other sources, you can get through through azure right like sequel databases.

00:14:37.110 –> 00:14:42.060
Jirah Cox: What at azure ad, of course, what all we have a run up there, so that kind of cloud Jason see.

00:14:43.170 –> 00:14:48.060
Jirah Cox: You know, you know best of breed cloud access for your vm that run on the tags clusters.

00:14:48.930 –> 00:14:59.580
Jirah Cox: That of course is all part of the offering right those themes that run cloud can get great access to cloud services, but then the way you get to those also can leverage your existing plumbing if you will right whether that’s.

00:15:00.900 –> 00:15:03.450
Jirah Cox: You know, express route, whether that’s a vpn.

00:15:04.650 –> 00:15:17.970
Jirah Cox: How are you good to azure today the that all would apply as well to how you can access these dams right so not no need to reinvent wheels there for how would you get to to your vm that run on any tax cluster on azure.

00:15:20.640 –> 00:15:24.870
Andy Whiteside: Well that’s good for the folks that are adopting this day, can you hear me.

00:15:25.230 –> 00:15:30.690
Andy Whiteside: Yes, okay good you guys had that look on your face like he’s talking he’s moving but nothing’s coming out.

00:15:32.370 –> 00:15:49.620
Andy Whiteside: So so gyro that’s really good for those who are new into this world they don’t have to deviate from the Microsoft side of how it works and then also those that have already established there as your networking footprint, this is just more the same or similar that’s what you’re saying.

00:15:50.250 –> 00:15:51.630
Jirah Cox: yeah right there’s no.

00:15:53.100 –> 00:16:00.270
Jirah Cox: need to blaze a whole new trail on the network side right for how do I connect to my vm that are running on a cluster in azure.

00:16:01.590 –> 00:16:12.270
Andy Whiteside: And this is when i’d actually promote my azure for dummies book I bought like a year ago, it is amazingly good at the teaching people like me how to do networking and azure I was that was extremely impressed.

00:16:13.380 –> 00:16:15.450
Jirah Cox: that’s super cool man so like all the concepts, you probably.

00:16:17.310 –> 00:16:18.420
Jirah Cox: take away their right.

00:16:20.280 –> 00:16:22.410
Jirah Cox: let’s see i’m trying to call the mind some vocabulary.

00:16:24.570 –> 00:16:33.300
Jirah Cox: Like a vignette all that all that would apply here right like you’ve already you’ve already called carve out your cut your company’s peanuts in azure right, we can just attach to attached to those.

00:16:33.660 –> 00:16:35.220
Andy Whiteside: yeah for sure.

00:16:36.330 –> 00:16:44.760
Andy Whiteside: This also I think mentioned something about things like flow and other new tactics oriented stuff is that I guess that’s really just extending.

00:16:45.330 –> 00:16:54.000
Andy Whiteside: Maybe the on Prem or multiple clouds to each other and making those talk using the using the built in networking capabilities of the cloud, in this case azure.

00:16:54.810 –> 00:17:05.940
Jirah Cox: So this one refers to fully networking right so for networking is our our SDN offering right with with actual tax managed vpc is on there and and something that’s.

00:17:07.080 –> 00:17:22.050
Jirah Cox: brand new launched on on ios six Oh, and we will be a part of the azure clusters and essentially the flow the gateway vm as well that deploy into your as your V net that just covers the the connectivity right of how your vm get in and out of the mechanics cluster.

00:17:23.100 –> 00:17:23.460
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:17:24.930 –> 00:17:25.710
Andy Whiteside: or anything that.

00:17:29.700 –> 00:17:34.080
Harvey Green: Sorry, I was kicking little people out of my space here.

00:17:34.650 –> 00:17:35.700
Jirah Cox: Oh, let me chime in there.

00:17:36.600 –> 00:17:38.640
Jirah Cox: About no expert on this is we are.

00:17:39.600 –> 00:17:42.270
Harvey Green: No we’re not going to encourage that at all.

00:17:43.980 –> 00:17:52.380
Harvey Green: um so no I guess again the I guess the piece that that I would say that what you already kind of brought up.

00:17:52.950 –> 00:18:03.870
Harvey Green: Is you’re able to use some of the skills you already have on things like flow our prison central and control things that are outside of your own from deployment.

00:18:04.620 –> 00:18:16.770
Harvey Green: And really what that means to you know teams who have a lot of split siloed roles is that when you are deploying this in this way.

00:18:17.250 –> 00:18:31.080
Harvey Green: You don’t necessarily have to abide by those same silos, you have the choice because your your your technicians administrators have been that have been trained on things like presence central or flow networking.

00:18:32.310 –> 00:18:40.230
Harvey Green: will be able to use that knowledge, even if what you’re actually using from a vm standpoint resides in action.

00:18:40.800 –> 00:18:49.440
Jirah Cox: yeah I was gonna call it was last week but yeah cuz there’s Monday, so the customer who was saying, you know yeah I can see the value of being able to target.

00:18:51.180 –> 00:19:02.280
Jirah Cox: Read reuse my automation right and when our favorite topics right target mechanics in this data Center you can access that data Center or in clinics up in the cloud identically right like.

00:19:02.730 –> 00:19:18.120
Jirah Cox: Right, you know it’s it’s different outcomes right private data Center on Prem vmware cloud vm but, but the same tooling and automation right that you could target any any other as a tree cluster on Prem also applies to two clusters up in the cloud.

00:19:20.010 –> 00:19:40.140
Harvey Green: yeah I mean again the it I tea shops are always tasked to do more with less, and this is definitely a way to do that if you can consolidate roles and or make it so that you don’t have to re skill your team that’s that’s a win all around.

00:19:40.380 –> 00:19:49.710
Jirah Cox: that’s true yeah pretty much pretty much zero learning curve right when it’s a matter of just go to the all of our clusters and public clouds right to at least today are built through.

00:19:50.250 –> 00:19:57.990
Jirah Cox: The portal right it’s like the mcs tool and it’s like the cluster deployment tool for 14 X in public clouds.

00:19:58.440 –> 00:20:09.390
Jirah Cox: And so that’s where you know you give it your credentials to your cloud tenant and it goes and gets the instances, it needs that you’re requesting put them on the right networks and the right locations right that right availability zones correct availability zones.

00:20:10.470 –> 00:20:13.560
Jirah Cox: And then, like 4040 minutes later, you have a running cluster.

00:20:14.580 –> 00:20:19.920
Jirah Cox: And then it also can use to monitor it it’s got some some washed off functionality to say is that cluster still online, is it healthy.

00:20:20.370 –> 00:20:26.940
Jirah Cox: Because there’s other things, to monitor right like in at least for aws we do this, and I think it would apply to azure as well if.

00:20:27.930 –> 00:20:35.670
Jirah Cox: If hardware experiencing certain kinds of failure modes right the hardware goes offline we don’t wait for that to get healed and someone to come in and lay hands on it.

00:20:36.120 –> 00:20:47.040
Jirah Cox: We just request a new node and forget about the old node right fail forward fail on to new nodes and so that’s a that’s a service that you get from that mcs portal right the provisioning through the mechanics portal.

00:20:48.570 –> 00:20:56.910
Jirah Cox: That you really can only do in a hardware as a service type of environment right you can’t do that on Prem unless you just bought a bunch of extra hardware and you sit there, doing nothing.

00:20:57.960 –> 00:21:05.670
Jirah Cox: ready to get ready to provision at a moment’s notice right so some interesting new capabilities, you get there Why am I saying this, we went for it oh yeah so the skills right.

00:21:06.090 –> 00:21:14.760
Jirah Cox: But but that’s all we’ve built that automation for you, you simply just if you know newt annex you just say, I want to get X cluster in that cloud done right and you already know how to operate it.

00:21:15.180 –> 00:21:23.910
Harvey Green: yeah that’s that’s the hardware drain you get to go, you know, use the hardware run it as hard as you can and when it breaks it’s somebody else’s problem, give me a new one.

00:21:24.750 –> 00:21:26.400
Jirah Cox: The whole new world right it’s all the world like.

00:21:26.790 –> 00:21:30.300
Jirah Cox: we’ve heard about those you know the cloud hyper scales that will wait until I heard one of them.

00:21:31.410 –> 00:21:41.490
Jirah Cox: Had a Stat of like they waited till you know, of course, they alternate with great you know hardware hot aisle cold i’ll design they’ll and hot I was like are like you can’t walk in there as a human right, you would cook.

00:21:41.910 –> 00:21:52.860
Jirah Cox: The wait until they get like 40% failure rates on both sides that hot i’ll then turn off both files right, and then you said, people in their do with a to do fix what they need to fix.

00:21:53.370 –> 00:22:00.690
Jirah Cox: And it’s like okay great take that hardware delivery model and never going to run persistent eugenics clusters How does that work right so like.

00:22:01.050 –> 00:22:12.300
Jirah Cox: You know, as we catch those kind of API calls notifications around this node is going down for maintenance because it’s on this i’ll okay great we’ll handle that for you and make that you know, a non event for your next cluster.

00:22:12.420 –> 00:22:29.880
Harvey Green: Well let’s say to that’s something that a lot of people don’t necessarily get to see or take advantage of is that Nintendo does have in it built in some function or functions around rack awareness and.

00:22:31.440 –> 00:22:34.020
Harvey Green: Other note awareness and things like that that.

00:22:35.070 –> 00:22:38.640
Harvey Green: that are built in that we might not see a lot of times.

00:22:39.750 –> 00:22:40.380
Jirah Cox: yeah very true.

00:22:43.620 –> 00:22:54.510
Andy Whiteside: So the the next paragraph next section talks about maximizing existing investments in new tactics and Microsoft probably pretty transparent but Jerry you want to walk us through how you guys see that.

00:22:56.820 –> 00:23:03.300
Jirah Cox: new to me and it’s you know it’s for looking but exciting right, so the ability to use.

00:23:04.320 –> 00:23:09.060
Jirah Cox: Do we say, is it that MAC like agreement right there’s Microsoft azure consumption commitment.

00:23:09.510 –> 00:23:18.960
Jirah Cox: to purchase both any tax software and the azure you know this as efficient really as your nodes right so that’s pretty exciting that that you will be able to just.

00:23:19.950 –> 00:23:32.190
Jirah Cox: use that one no funding vehicle other insert other procurement terms here to pay for you know running the software on these azure nodes so it makes licensing kind of even more easy.

00:23:34.200 –> 00:23:44.340
Andy Whiteside: I guess that’s a good news to me the ability to leverage this and the commitment consumption commitment that you’ve already made with Microsoft I guess that’s just that’s part of it right.

00:23:45.630 –> 00:23:53.010
Jirah Cox: yeah we you know I think we probably have all worked of customers have committed certain amounts of funding over the couple years to as your spend.

00:23:53.400 –> 00:24:02.790
Jirah Cox: And so the ability to say you know here’s another another solution that we can use out of that you know piggy bank makes it even easier consumption yeah.

00:24:02.910 –> 00:24:15.120
Harvey Green: And the this, this is the, this is the first part of what you actually wanted in the beginning, where you have a lot of the advantages of running in azure actually working for you.

00:24:16.230 –> 00:24:25.470
Harvey Green: And you’ve got you know some of the things that around this one, you know the the consumption based subscription that actually this counts toward.

00:24:26.550 –> 00:24:43.110
Harvey Green: and, eventually, you know they might add other features to it that you, you know normally only have an azure that you can actually get you know in clusters on azure you know I maybe somebody might want you know windows 10 or windows 11 multi session or something like that.

00:24:43.110 –> 00:24:44.280
Jirah Cox: doesn’t have a multi session.

00:24:48.060 –> 00:24:50.730
Andy Whiteside: So I was right, I was right all along, is that we’re saying.

00:24:50.880 –> 00:24:58.320
Harvey Green: Oh no i’m saying this is the gateway for you being right they just need to build more features on like the one you how it.

00:24:59.340 –> 00:25:04.980
Jirah Cox: stingy stingy concentration they’re not right, this is just a gateway to you being right.

00:25:05.160 –> 00:25:05.430
Harvey Green: yeah.

00:25:05.460 –> 00:25:08.160
Jirah Cox: I can, I can see a path to a world where you might be right from here.

00:25:10.260 –> 00:25:11.490
Andy Whiteside: Not right but you’re going to be.

00:25:12.360 –> 00:25:14.130
Jirah Cox: Pretty pretty harsh harsh Harvey.

00:25:14.250 –> 00:25:17.820
Harvey Green: know that that’s just Andy being ahead of his time again.

00:25:18.930 –> 00:25:20.040
Jirah Cox: A visionary, I think we do that.

00:25:21.180 –> 00:25:25.260
Andy Whiteside: that’s a great way, to put it, and yeah absolutely a visionary dreamer.

00:25:26.580 –> 00:25:26.970
Harvey Green: Right.

00:25:27.150 –> 00:25:27.750
Andy Whiteside: Oh yeah.

00:25:29.130 –> 00:25:29.280
Jirah Cox: It.

00:25:29.730 –> 00:25:31.200
Andy Whiteside: Only goes downhill from there they’ll actually.

00:25:32.910 –> 00:25:37.080
Harvey Green: know you got a very strong team helping you execute on those dreams.

00:25:39.960 –> 00:25:46.260
Andy Whiteside: All right, bringing cloud practices on premises with azure Arc I have no idea what as your Arc is what’s as your.

00:25:46.830 –> 00:25:48.480
Jirah Cox: As your Arc is.

00:25:49.980 –> 00:25:57.000
Jirah Cox: An Arc is the azure Cooper daddy’s management offering i’m probably doing that grave disservice here.

00:25:58.080 –> 00:26:06.930
Jirah Cox: i’m sure i’m sure specialist would would tell me i’m wrong in eight different ways, but the ability to use us Arc in one place or azure to.

00:26:08.280 –> 00:26:18.150
Jirah Cox: command and control to raise workloads across communities clusters all over the place right, and that includes you to its carbon right, so we can actually use Arc to manage.

00:26:19.830 –> 00:26:24.750
Jirah Cox: New tactics carbon hosted containers right, so we can deploy.

00:26:25.950 –> 00:26:32.190
Jirah Cox: So this applies to both I would assume again and again for looking like you know, still in preview offering but.

00:26:32.880 –> 00:26:39.720
Jirah Cox: Carbon can run pretty much anywhere that mechanics hv cam which is both on Prem and, of course, coming up here in etfs clusters and azure.

00:26:40.230 –> 00:26:49.830
Jirah Cox: So, then, that can then be turned into a a Cooper natives cluster and hosted with carbon there, which is our you know package supported offering of Cooper 90s.

00:26:50.640 –> 00:27:01.050
Jirah Cox: And then that can then get your workloads orchestrated deployed via as your art itself so giving you can have one place to say I can, this is where my APP architects can go and.

00:27:01.650 –> 00:27:12.900
Jirah Cox: build their blueprints and deploy their communities Apps whether that comes to whatever your policies are right Devon the cloud prod on Prem or develop on Prem but then go and go into production in the cloud.

00:27:14.130 –> 00:27:26.610
Jirah Cox: So that kind of a broad landscape visibility through arc of all your company’s deployments including ones hosted on carbon so again another sort of common tooling to reach multiple deployments multiple locations.

00:27:28.320 –> 00:27:30.690
Jirah Cox: You know connected to automation right our favorite topic.

00:27:32.880 –> 00:27:35.670
Andy Whiteside: Oh yeah automation i’m still getting a hard time about that podcast.

00:27:37.980 –> 00:27:38.820
Andy Whiteside: automation guy.

00:27:39.090 –> 00:27:44.520
Jirah Cox: I, I do not support that at all if you’re listening to this, you should be ashamed did not give me a hard time about automation.

00:27:45.330 –> 00:27:48.000
Andy Whiteside: Last week, that I hate automation I don’t hate automation I just.

00:27:50.280 –> 00:27:52.770
Andy Whiteside: bask in automating them yeah.

00:27:53.040 –> 00:27:54.300
Jirah Cox: I think we’re all against bad automation.

00:27:54.840 –> 00:27:56.490
Harvey Green: Oh no bad automation.

00:27:57.150 –> 00:27:58.080
Jirah Cox: will get shirts made.

00:28:00.300 –> 00:28:01.050
Andy Whiteside: that’s a good idea.

00:28:03.030 –> 00:28:07.980
Harvey Green: He will will we design one and have the rest of them made in an automated fashion.

00:28:14.130 –> 00:28:15.060
Andy Whiteside: Now that was.

00:28:15.270 –> 00:28:15.570

00:28:18.360 –> 00:28:21.000
Andy Whiteside: We could have the run hv don’t automate your.

00:28:24.330 –> 00:28:27.240
Jirah Cox: Marketing might might finally step in and have an opinion on our podcast.

00:28:29.880 –> 00:28:43.620
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so next session got next section has four bullets with it a hybrid cloud freedom and the tactics and Microsoft, I think this is a big part of the goal here right is to make it so where you can you can run what you want, where you want when you want it.

00:28:44.490 –> 00:28:48.810
Harvey Green: Absolutely with this is, I i’m i’m all about that flexibility.

00:28:51.240 –> 00:29:03.330
Andy Whiteside: What was the comment you made from next or maybe it was different it was you guys think was you like 40% of the workloads that we’re supposed to go the cloud that now been determined they won’t go to the cloud is it, am I, making those numbers up.

00:29:03.390 –> 00:29:12.690
Jirah Cox: That there’s so many comments that does sound pretty much accurate yeah the big reduction is the forecasting right that so.

00:29:13.140 –> 00:29:19.410
Jirah Cox: reggie mentioned that his keynote around you know as we asked it leaders what.

00:29:20.190 –> 00:29:29.370
Jirah Cox: What do you think will move to the cloud and that forecast has come way way down right from kind of the I don’t know i’ll say the heady days, the early days of saying oh yeah I can run.

00:29:29.850 –> 00:29:37.140
Jirah Cox: At 90% like everything but the mainframe goes to cloud and that’s coming way way way down right a lot of customers are seeing.

00:29:37.500 –> 00:29:49.200
Jirah Cox: More and more of our approach of hey if this is going to stay a vm right and my usual quick and easy question we’re customer is what’s the vm run if it’s software that you wrote that has.

00:29:50.100 –> 00:29:53.880
Jirah Cox: When we say Harvey gateway to being.

00:29:54.690 –> 00:30:04.110
Jirah Cox: containerized right, because if you read the software you’re in charge of that if that vm is just there to run software that someone else tells you to deploy right, this is my accounting software, this is my warehouse software.

00:30:04.560 –> 00:30:07.740
Jirah Cox: I go in I run updates on it, but it’s it comes from somewhere else.

00:30:08.340 –> 00:30:18.270
Jirah Cox: That probably is never going to be containerized until one day you wake up and they’ve told you here’s the containerized deployment method for that application right and so that that has it as.

00:30:18.750 –> 00:30:24.810
Jirah Cox: I feel like splash some reality, on the whole, like every single thing that we do every vm can one day go to cloud.

00:30:25.380 –> 00:30:36.660
Jirah Cox: Because if it’s going to stay a virtual machine you that one like let’s let’s think about where that’s best to run right whether that’s going to go cloud native vmware that’s going to be clusters on on azure on Prem vm.

00:30:37.830 –> 00:30:43.440
Jirah Cox: You know a lot of things right, like you, actually, you mentioned the top of the podcaster right checkpoint.

00:30:44.520 –> 00:30:56.610
Jirah Cox: router and, in my experience with those I think was back in my like exchange days right a skill set that we sort of all let die as that traditional on Prem stodgy application just went from there straight to pure SAS right.

00:30:57.870 –> 00:31:06.900
Jirah Cox: And, and you need a heck of a justification now today to run exchange on Prem because you basically have to run it, as well as Microsoft would run it in production.

00:31:07.650 –> 00:31:14.010
Jirah Cox: To have that’d be a good value to the business right, it can be done, but it’s a different kind of proposition than the whole like.

00:31:15.210 –> 00:31:22.410
Jirah Cox: You know the way it used to be of deploy exchange and I don’t touch it for five years, and I do a big migration and then I come back to it another five years.

00:31:24.060 –> 00:31:37.110
Jirah Cox: So sorry a very long answer to say yes to your question around yeah forecasted reduction right at the cutting edge of of what do thought leaders think about what can move to the cloud and and in a.

00:31:38.670 –> 00:31:47.400
Jirah Cox: You know not change the packaging right keep it as a vm and shipping around answer you know, on Prem is is having a resurgence right that’s why we.

00:31:47.940 –> 00:32:01.260
Jirah Cox: that’s why we are going all in on hybrid multi cloud right to say you definitely need to be able to deploy everywhere and have worked with all over the place right and and key paragraph highlights is that agility right if it starts one place, how do I get it somewhere else.

00:32:02.760 –> 00:32:15.240
Jirah Cox: And and that’s one thing the clusters makes super easy right is it can you can go from cloud to cloud on Prem just as easily as it could go from cabinet the Cabinet the Cabinet, you know, in a single on Prem mechanics data Center.

00:32:16.320 –> 00:32:26.250
Andy Whiteside: yeah and keep it in mind on Prem might be, you know colo might be a partner, like us, when you say cloud in this context you’re talking about you know public public I asked cloud.

00:32:26.790 –> 00:32:44.490
Andy Whiteside: And the different variations of hybrid cloud, like us, or your data Center or some edge deployment in one of your warehouses or whatever just furthermore example of why you need to flexibility, whether you ever use it or not, who knows yeah.

00:32:45.030 –> 00:32:57.600
Jirah Cox: But then, as you follow that reality right and the ability to to deploy to lots of places right lots of parts of your hyper multi cloud world or even, as you have done it right and you’ve got Apps everywhere.

00:32:58.800 –> 00:33:07.110
Jirah Cox: Keeping that simplicity at the core of the offering to say yeah sure do I have stuff in like every availability zone known to man, because I have different requirements for each one.

00:33:07.470 –> 00:33:10.320
Jirah Cox: Yes, but can I see them all in one place is it easy to get my arms around.

00:33:10.890 –> 00:33:24.570
Jirah Cox: Take my inventory, make sure that everything i’ve placed in every single zone has good governance and cost controls and justifications right and is it right size and being a good steward of the resources that answer, of course, remains yes yeah.

00:33:25.380 –> 00:33:27.360
Andy Whiteside: carvey any additional thoughts on this one.

00:33:29.190 –> 00:33:40.260
Harvey Green: I mean honestly the the piece that you asked gyro about about the percentage around the workloads that people thought were going cloud, and maybe not, I think.

00:33:40.800 –> 00:33:50.580
Harvey Green: That overall probably rejects our projects, the reality of what’s going on, on the whole, is that you know before.

00:33:51.390 –> 00:34:07.170
Harvey Green: cloud was just this really big concept of I can go run everything in the cloud or I can’t I shouldn’t do anything in the cloud, and now, people are actually getting a real feel for what it actually is what it actually means what you can do what you shouldn’t do.

00:34:08.490 –> 00:34:16.260
Harvey Green: And you know not it’s this crazy thing that’ll cost me 70 bajillion dollars.

00:34:18.030 –> 00:34:23.280
Harvey Green: You know, because they’re running everything and I can’t do anything if it breaks, I think, now that.

00:34:23.820 –> 00:34:34.350
Harvey Green: People have started to have some experience with it there’s lots of realities that come with that there’s lots of hopefully not too hard earned lessons that come with that.

00:34:35.340 –> 00:34:42.480
Harvey Green: But you know to jeremy’s point as well that gives you kind of the experience and then the know how.

00:34:43.020 –> 00:34:55.680
Harvey Green: To be able to get to the point where what we’re talking about where you can run your workloads both wherever and the place where it’s best for those workloads to run.

00:34:56.610 –> 00:35:10.020
Harvey Green: Not not to the point where you’re just putting things out there, because you can you know more so you’re putting things in the right place and running them in the right place from a financial standpoint and a performance standpoint.

00:35:10.500 –> 00:35:22.050
Harvey Green: And a resiliency standpoint, to make sure that you know you’re getting what you need out of your environment and being able to host what you need for your your end users.

00:35:25.590 –> 00:35:28.710
Jirah Cox: it’s almost like it’s all about you know your actual business requirements.

00:35:29.280 –> 00:35:33.510
Harvey Green: I you know it’s almost weird how it always comes back around to that doesn’t it.

00:35:34.500 –> 00:35:41.490
Andy Whiteside: it’s true and it takes a while, sometimes and it’s not just about the cool kid doing the coolest thing.

00:35:41.520 –> 00:35:44.040
Andy Whiteside: So I can go get another job somewhere else right.

00:35:45.300 –> 00:35:45.840
Andy Whiteside: Absolutely.

00:35:45.930 –> 00:35:52.860
Andy Whiteside: It cocktail party trying to impress everybody like I assume people think I am when i’m talking about all this stuff in there, like what in the world is he talking about.

00:35:57.180 –> 00:36:00.510
Andy Whiteside: i’m not i’m not trying to impress them that’s just what I want to talk about right.

00:36:03.120 –> 00:36:08.730
Andy Whiteside: guys maybe we should turn this into a cocktail party so last thing we do every Monday we could we could start having beers.

00:36:09.420 –> 00:36:09.900
To plan.

00:36:11.970 –> 00:36:15.330
Jirah Cox: I probably wouldn’t probably only do good things with the podcast I have to assume.

00:36:18.660 –> 00:36:22.560
Andy Whiteside: My my speech is slurred enough as it is, but hey you know still could be fun.

00:36:23.220 –> 00:36:25.080
Harvey Green: that’s just a southern drawl.

00:36:26.880 –> 00:36:28.710
Andy Whiteside: Or the mumbles I get the mumbles plenty to.

00:36:30.300 –> 00:36:32.490
Andy Whiteside: Well guys, I appreciate he’s pretty good there you go see there.

00:36:33.600 –> 00:36:34.980
Andy Whiteside: I appreciate you guys joining.

00:36:36.090 –> 00:36:47.070
Andy Whiteside: Our listeners Thank you Darren Thank you, as always Harbin i’ll be in Philadelphia, if you want to come hang hang out with us the next couple days in the new tannic citrix I gel booth at educause man.

00:36:47.100 –> 00:36:48.750
Jirah Cox: fun times yeah.

00:36:48.960 –> 00:36:53.220
Harvey Green: Looking forward to seeing everybody there every one of the listeners, who are there.

00:36:54.570 –> 00:36:58.440
Harvey Green: You know we’ll figure out how to do something special for you, if you come, let us know you list.

00:36:59.760 –> 00:37:00.510
Andy Whiteside: yeah stop by.

00:37:00.570 –> 00:37:01.440
Jirah Cox: Hopefully i’ll get this published.

00:37:01.770 –> 00:37:02.370
Andy Whiteside: We get apart.

00:37:02.550 –> 00:37:03.600
Jirah Cox: yeah Harvey was your shirt.

00:37:04.440 –> 00:37:05.100
Harvey Green: that’s right.

00:37:05.160 –> 00:37:05.910
Andy Whiteside: We have sharon’s.

00:37:05.940 –> 00:37:07.980
Harvey Green: We can do that, we can do that.

00:37:08.820 –> 00:37:19.800
Andy Whiteside: We kind of get some money T shirts printed has been a while and I need to get back to the yeah I got you back to the new tannic slow good shirts everybody loves us not as not as much as one hv but they definitely.

00:37:22.830 –> 00:37:26.850
Andy Whiteside: Alright guys well, I appreciate it another Monday in the books and we’ll do it again next week.

00:37:27.570 –> 00:37:27.960
Jirah Cox: Okay, oh.

00:37:28.110 –> 00:37:28.380