8: Nutanix Weekly: Bursting 2,000 Citrix Desktops to AWS in Under 2 Hours with Nutanix Clusters

Mar 10, 2021

With today’s distributed workforce it’s imperative that you have the ability to quickly enable your workforce to be productive working from anywhere, with secure remote access to applications, desktops, and data. Over the last several months the increased remote work requirements have put a focus on IT to rapidly support distributed workforce needs. To allow IT to rapidly provision infrastructure for increased distributed workforce needs, organizations have increased their adoption of public clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP, and others. IT is looking for a hybrid and multicloud solution to meet the needs of their distributed workforce. Nutanix Clusters runs the Nutanix Cloud OS, AOS, on public cloud servers, and uses the same management plane, to enable seamless hybrid cloud deployments that are natively integrated into public clouds.