11: Nutanix of Weekly: How To Ransomware Proof your Backups

Apr 6, 2021

Organizations worldwide are in the midst of a massive wave of cybersecurity threats. Gartner reported that “ransomware families have grown by more than 700% in the last few years.” Every company is struggling to protect their data – the most important digital asset. As these attacks continue to mature both in frequency and intensity, their impact on business has grown exponentially. It is no longer something that happens to someone else; it is happening globally to both small and large organizations, indiscriminately, across all industries. 

So, what are the implications? Imagine being a CIO of a hospital hit by a ransomware attack during a pandemic. The immediate impact is a major interruption in the ability to service patients, schedule appointments, retrieving patient records, and crippling all communication. The potential long-term impact is loss of sensitive patient data, loss of reputation, and of course loss of revenue.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Harvey Green
Co-Host: Jirah Cox