91: The Citrix Session: Recapping Citrix Launchpad: Cloud

Oct 19, 2021

Organizations everywhere are accelerating their IT modernization, working to remove complexity and to increase flexibility and control. They’re shifting infrastructure to hybrid environments, moving apps to the cloud, and consolidating access and app delivery and security solutions, all while looking to reduce costs.

During our Citrix Launchpad: Cloud session, we covered groundbreaking advances in app delivery and security; innovations in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops; new ways we’re adding value to the services of leading cloud providers; and work we’re doing with partners to help organizations manage and simplify their hybrid multi-cloud journeys and with leading cloud providers to add value to their services.

Here are highlights from the session and links where you can learn more.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Ben Rogers
Guest: Carisa Stringer 


00:00:02.490 –> 00:00:12.840
Andy Whiteside: Hello everyone and welcome to episode 91 of the citrix session i’m your host Andy whiteside gotta have another good group with the bill bill sutton’s on building your maybe coming to Charlotte later today right.

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Bill Sutton: i’m leaving after this podcast and heading my headings, I guess, South yes yeah.

00:00:18.900 –> 00:00:22.200
Andy Whiteside: We look forward to getting you here, I know yesterday was your birthday, hopefully, you enjoyed that.

00:00:22.650 –> 00:00:33.360
Bill Sutton: I did very it was very, very non eventful in a during the day, but I had a nice dinner with my family and gifts and cake, so all the all the traditional things.

00:00:34.230 –> 00:00:41.430
Andy Whiteside: it’s sad when you get to a point where you’re not sad maybe appropriate when you go to deploy your birthday, you want it to be non eventful that’s that’s a gift right.

00:00:41.850 –> 00:00:44.730
Andy Whiteside: Right and you want it to not be too expensive like that’s.

00:00:46.590 –> 00:00:47.940
Andy Whiteside: funny that’s when you become an adult.

00:00:48.690 –> 00:00:52.440
Bill Sutton: I was pretty bad when you’re using a gift card for your birthday dinner, but it is what it is.

00:00:52.500 –> 00:00:56.250
Andy Whiteside: that’s All I want you to that means look time is the one thing you can’t buy more of is the.

00:00:56.250 –> 00:00:57.150
benrogers: One thing you can’t.

00:00:57.450 –> 00:01:00.900
Andy Whiteside: Yes, it’s worth a fortune anyway, you know all those things.

00:01:00.990 –> 00:01:05.220
Andy Whiteside: Oh yeah been Rogers with has been and we’re going to talk about kids here in a minute so just hold on to that.

00:01:06.450 –> 00:01:09.960
Andy Whiteside: Se with citrix both healthcare and local here in the carolinas been how’s it going.

00:01:11.550 –> 00:01:24.030
benrogers: Before it’s all happy birthday belated but i’m glad to see you had a good day and I was talking to another citrus cohort about birthdays and he kind of put it perfectly I got up breathing it’s the small things that matter.

00:01:24.480 –> 00:01:24.960
A great.

00:01:26.280 –> 00:01:32.070
Andy Whiteside: You get the one birthday and then the rest of them are just just gravy if you get any of those so.

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00:01:34.890 –> 00:01:37.320
Andy Whiteside: Chris a stringer zone with us from citrix Chris how’s it going.

00:01:38.400 –> 00:01:42.060
Carisa Stringer: Good Happy Birthday bill thanks for having me Andy much appreciated.

00:01:42.750 –> 00:01:47.460
Andy Whiteside: So krista we’ve known each other for a long time had lots of roles what’s your what’s your current role at citrix.

00:01:48.870 –> 00:01:58.380
Carisa Stringer: The latest action is focused on product marketing, so the virtual Apps and desktop or dad’s offering some analytics citrix endpoint management so.

00:01:59.550 –> 00:02:02.790
Carisa Stringer: and have a nice breath of the citrix solutions to these days.

00:02:03.330 –> 00:02:07.800
Andy Whiteside: And, and where did you start at citrix like we don’t have to cover all of all the jobs you’ve had but.

00:02:08.340 –> 00:02:09.720
Andy Whiteside: What what a part of citrix did you.

00:02:09.720 –> 00:02:10.470
Andy Whiteside: start off in.

00:02:11.760 –> 00:02:20.340
Carisa Stringer: I actually started out in citrix it, so I worked for a small company up in the DC area and citrix purchase them.

00:02:20.730 –> 00:02:36.000
Carisa Stringer: I was pretty young in those days, so the citrix it team brought me in as a consultant to help implement that product back in the day and I just stayed who knew who knew people really lived in stayed in Florida for so long, but now I actually have to call it home so.

00:02:37.080 –> 00:02:46.710
Andy Whiteside: there’s a bunch of you guys I could say you kind of started somewhere ended up there and stayed and there’s a bunch of people that come and go along the way, I guess, I came and went, but my I didn’t leave and go too far.

00:02:47.850 –> 00:02:48.030
Andy Whiteside: that’s.

00:02:48.120 –> 00:02:48.420

00:02:49.860 –> 00:02:54.420
Andy Whiteside: So we were before we jump into the content, here we were having a good little conversation mega chris’s.

00:02:55.080 –> 00:03:01.080
Andy Whiteside: audio is a little delayed and and she had this look on her face next thing you know she goes hold on, let me go tell my kids to get off the Internet.

00:03:01.440 –> 00:03:09.960
Andy Whiteside: And then Ben jumped in and started talking about using the firewall to shut down his kids as they moved from device to device in it funny how some of the enterprise.

00:03:10.500 –> 00:03:19.980
Andy Whiteside: Issues of the past and present now show up in your home life and then you wonder how people who aren’t savvy technically savvy what what did they do.

00:03:22.980 –> 00:03:33.210
benrogers: that’s a scary question right there Andy because the kids like as savvy as I am I think sometimes my son is one step ahead of me like I was.

00:03:33.720 –> 00:03:37.200
benrogers: Telling the crowd you know my son got a little smart one day and.

00:03:37.590 –> 00:03:43.440
benrogers: I didn’t want him to use his iPad and I was like man you got stopped you got to get off of there’s other things for us to do, and he continued to use it, so I.

00:03:43.770 –> 00:03:51.630
benrogers: took brute force, I went into my firewall here at the House and I corn team that device Well he got smart and he went to the next device so.

00:03:52.140 –> 00:04:02.610
benrogers: I have the technology that I can see him go from the device device quarantine everything he touched, but if I didn’t have the ability to do that, you know one thing that i’m searching for as a parent is.

00:04:03.090 –> 00:04:15.510
benrogers: i’ve got i’ve got some adult policies in my network that will prevent him from getting the you know adult content yada yada yada but i’d like something like a cat be that would allow me to say okay.

00:04:15.960 –> 00:04:26.460
benrogers: I don’t mind if he uses YouTube, but I want to restrict things inside of YouTube and I haven’t found that product, yet that would allow me to go here’s access to.

00:04:26.910 –> 00:04:37.770
benrogers: content, but I want to limit where you can go and that content, like a cash because so a lot of the signing up for citrix SIA but that’s not quite appropriate for my house, but that’s The next step and guarding.

00:04:38.250 –> 00:04:46.470
benrogers: My children from the Internet was is looking at some kind of catch me solution so that’s that’s my dilemma here from the Rogers household.

00:04:47.220 –> 00:04:52.500
Andy Whiteside: You know i’ve always thought it was an opportunity to go into like home consulting where you consulted parents that had a enough.

00:04:52.980 –> 00:05:05.700
Andy Whiteside: They were fluent enough to pay for someone to teach them the basics of what they can do and make sure it’s all locked down it’s probably a market there i’m not sure it’s worth our time I don’t know that I have any more time, but certainly a market there for somebody.

00:05:07.830 –> 00:05:10.980
Andy Whiteside: Well guys, I appreciate you i’m gonna share my screen here clarissa.

00:05:12.480 –> 00:05:14.430
Andy Whiteside: The blog that you put out.

00:05:15.570 –> 00:05:19.470
Andy Whiteside: A couple weeks ago, maybe let’s see how far how long has it been I know I reached out to you going.

00:05:19.470 –> 00:05:19.950
benrogers: To get i’m not.

00:05:23.580 –> 00:05:24.090
benrogers: recapping.

00:05:28.350 –> 00:05:37.710
Andy Whiteside: You guys getting all that background noise okay um so Chris if you could just just help us in our audience even understand what launch pad this launch pad thing from citrix is.

00:05:39.510 –> 00:05:52.440
Carisa Stringer: Sure, no, I think the launchpad is obviously a new concept, so we did three of them, we started out with the cloud launchpad and then we moved into security and then we just last week wrapped up the launchpad series with the work.

00:05:53.280 –> 00:06:00.360
Carisa Stringer: launchpad event but I, you know I give citrix a lot of credit we’ve traditionally done kind of big customer events.

00:06:00.840 –> 00:06:06.660
Carisa Stringer: Right we’ve done synergy in the past, last year we moved to a virtual session, and we did our.

00:06:07.470 –> 00:06:13.950
Carisa Stringer: citrix summit series, but overall, what we realized is that people just have a lot of virtual event fatigue.

00:06:14.430 –> 00:06:25.680
Carisa Stringer: So the goal here was to say what is, what are the big news topics from citrix, how can we get them out to our customer and partner base make sure everybody’s aware of all the excitement.

00:06:26.070 –> 00:06:33.750
Carisa Stringer: make it a high energy, you know kind of 30 minute rapid fire here’s all the different announcements and then here’s all the resources, where you can go.

00:06:34.230 –> 00:06:43.380
Carisa Stringer: and learn more about them, and it was rapid fire there’s no doubt but that was kind of the approach to this this time around, and the feedbacks been overall pretty positive.

00:06:45.630 –> 00:06:50.370
Andy Whiteside: Yes, so it’s a marketing series concept, and you have specific initiatives that you drill down on.

00:06:51.720 –> 00:06:52.650
Carisa Stringer: Correct correct.

00:06:53.520 –> 00:06:58.380
Andy Whiteside: will help us understand this, the first one, the very first one, I guess, it was the the cloud launch pad.

00:06:59.880 –> 00:07:12.120
Carisa Stringer: The cloud launch pad was really focused on bringing together, obviously, a lot of our new offerings and incentive to to make it easier for customers to adopt our cloud services and cloud solutions.

00:07:13.110 –> 00:07:18.960
Carisa Stringer: So we kicked it off with some big announcements around the APP delivery and security service.

00:07:19.500 –> 00:07:28.170
Carisa Stringer: i’m not sure if you want to scroll down there Andy and highlight that one, so a couple things that were super cool about this announcement, at least in my opinion.

00:07:28.860 –> 00:07:32.910
Carisa Stringer: The first one is that it’s an intent driven solution, so this is.

00:07:33.570 –> 00:07:41.460
Carisa Stringer: kind of cool because, instead of it being something that typically it might set a bunch of manual policies like we were talking about all the different details from a.

00:07:42.270 –> 00:07:50.130
Carisa Stringer: Networking perspective, the idea here with the services you actually set kind of the goals are the kpis or the intense.

00:07:50.670 –> 00:07:58.110
Carisa Stringer: And then that APP delivery and security service actually dynamically adjust based on the goals that you’re trying to achieve.

00:07:58.500 –> 00:08:07.980
Carisa Stringer: And then kind of jumping into that second paragraph there the citrix intelligent traffic management technologies to this is dumb technology we’ve had around for a little bit.

00:08:08.460 –> 00:08:18.720
Carisa Stringer: But, bringing it in with the APP delivery and Security Service, the other cool part to that is it actually also helps and says if i’m having these cloud hosted applications.

00:08:19.140 –> 00:08:29.580
Carisa Stringer: And I need to make sure folks like such as US located all in different locations, what is the best route, you know across the Internet to get the individuals to those applications.

00:08:29.940 –> 00:08:44.160
Carisa Stringer: So it’s real time analyzes you can see 10 billion data points and actually figures out the fastest route, how to optimize the applications from hosting locations to make sure the individuals are having that that best experience.

00:08:45.420 –> 00:08:58.230
Andy Whiteside: So so that’s kind of taking St when concepts and APP intelligence and analytics and everything you could possibly know about what you see going back and forth and routing that information, the best way.

00:08:59.730 –> 00:09:08.730
Carisa Stringer: Correct and actually the other two things to maybe highlight there is we’re actually offering it in two ways one is a citrix managed and then one is kind of a self managed.

00:09:09.180 –> 00:09:24.150
Carisa Stringer: Offering as well, so a little bit different from how we’ve done it in the past and it’s actually in public preview today so it’ll GA the target to aim for early 2022 but already in public preview.

00:09:24.750 –> 00:09:31.650
Andy Whiteside: and Chris I wanna I want to go over to bill and been in a second, but this is kinda like the nirvana of this traffic shaping world and I guess.

00:09:32.190 –> 00:09:44.580
Andy Whiteside: i’ll bring it up the idea that citrix can see into its ICA protocol and others, maybe can’t is what kind of gives you guys and a leg up in a customer that has a traditional citrix environment would that be fair.

00:09:46.890 –> 00:09:48.870
Carisa Stringer: agreed on my side i’ll defer to Ben.

00:09:50.100 –> 00:09:52.980
Andy Whiteside: Ben bill been i’ll start with your thoughts on this service.

00:09:53.790 –> 00:09:55.410
benrogers: Oh Oh, I think this is good.

00:09:57.630 –> 00:09:59.010
benrogers: Oh sorry.

00:09:59.610 –> 00:10:00.510
gotcha sorry.

00:10:02.280 –> 00:10:04.800
Andy Whiteside: Hello yeah they’ve been i’ll come back to bill.

00:10:05.040 –> 00:10:17.580
Bill Sutton: Are you wearing the service I, I attended the launchpad event, excuse me, I did attention 10 the launchpad event and I found a found this stuff really interesting I i’m very interested in seeing how this intent based.

00:10:18.270 –> 00:10:24.210
Bill Sutton: How this looks once it, that has not been released in tech preview yet has it or has it for us uh.

00:10:26.130 –> 00:10:26.940
Carisa Stringer: You know I.

00:10:27.030 –> 00:10:33.390
Carisa Stringer: i’m not sure i’d have to double check I know the option is in public preview but I don’t know if the intent based details are there yet.

00:10:33.630 –> 00:10:44.220
Bill Sutton: Okay yeah i’m very interested to see what that looks like in terms of how you set things and so forth, so very interesting concept and the itm technology yeah Andy I think that.

00:10:45.210 –> 00:10:56.730
Bill Sutton: I don’t know what that is is using the sd when but certainly citrix having knowledge and the ability to look into the Sep protocol I would think would would be a great benefit and making this work, the way they intend for it to work.

00:10:58.470 –> 00:10:59.910
Andy Whiteside: they’ve been we’ll try again now, you back.

00:11:03.510 –> 00:11:07.920
Andy Whiteside: And it looks like he’s I can see his webcam so he’s previously working on getting connected but something’s going on with him.

00:11:09.210 –> 00:11:16.920
Andy Whiteside: You know, career, so this is kind of like the nirvana of this place right, the idea that in the cloud on premises, we can make traffic.

00:11:17.730 –> 00:11:25.380
Andy Whiteside: go where it needs to go function, how it needs to function and secure it all at the same time, as well as keeping an eye on what’s happening within that traffic.

00:11:26.040 –> 00:11:33.420
Andy Whiteside: This is kind of like the evolution of these network shaping tools, when you isn’t that what the what we finally looks like we’re getting towards.

00:11:34.710 –> 00:11:40.650
Carisa Stringer: Oh definitely and the the intelligent traffic management, I just maybe i’ll add a tidbit there.

00:11:41.580 –> 00:11:49.230
Carisa Stringer: Obviously that’s where some of the analytics capabilities data being able to process how all those different locations are performing.

00:11:49.500 –> 00:12:01.770
Carisa Stringer: and being able to adjust routes on the fly to me that some really exciting the intent based and self healing capabilities, but also just the amount of data processing is going through those things I think are pretty cool and pretty exciting right.

00:12:03.210 –> 00:12:07.410
Andy Whiteside: affordable for this topic will give them one more shot stevie’s back up, then you can you hear us.

00:12:08.670 –> 00:12:10.050
benrogers: I can hear you can you hear me.

00:12:10.380 –> 00:12:16.380
Andy Whiteside: yeah you sound good now do you have thoughts or comments on the APP citrix APP delivery and security service.

00:12:17.460 –> 00:12:23.310
benrogers: yeah, so I think this is going to be awesome, and the reason I think this is going to be awesome is for companies that have a global spread.

00:12:23.820 –> 00:12:28.650
benrogers: And kind of talking about you know, being able to get users closer to their technology.

00:12:29.130 –> 00:12:34.380
benrogers: With these services, because we can just distribute them across the globe into many different POPs.

00:12:34.770 –> 00:12:43.800
benrogers: We can look at customers that have call centers in the United States that have people that are servicing those call centers in India or some other foreign country when you say hey.

00:12:44.160 –> 00:12:53.370
benrogers: let’s put technology on the edge for them, let them use local Internet to these edge POPs and then rod these POPs back in, and then the intelligent.

00:12:54.180 –> 00:13:03.720
benrogers: The intelligent routing is going to give us the ability to go hey we see this users coming from this region, but we need to route them correctly across what’s the best path to do that.

00:13:04.080 –> 00:13:15.060
benrogers: So this is really going to be good for international customers customers that are you know, based in different regions and really needing to get that technology closer to the user.

00:13:15.420 –> 00:13:24.240
benrogers: and take the reliance off the local Internet it starts to get them into a commercial backbone and being able to intelligently route that so i’m very excited to see this come down the path.

00:13:25.440 –> 00:13:29.100
Andy Whiteside: yeah the idea of relying on those router table sitting all over the place.

00:13:31.260 –> 00:13:41.550
Andy Whiteside: that’s a thing of the past right we we know we got to look at the data what’s in the application in the data and figure out the best way to get there, not just look at whatever roads were put in place and logged along the way.

00:13:43.050 –> 00:13:47.970
benrogers: Now the the i’m i’m also kind of seeing this being like.

00:13:48.750 –> 00:13:55.320
benrogers: The IBM PC intelligent traffic management we’ve had that on the DC side I know for two or three years now.

00:13:55.650 –> 00:14:01.560
benrogers: But you’re now starting to see more of this being wrapped into the cloud and being able to deliver this cloud first.

00:14:01.920 –> 00:14:10.350
benrogers: I think that’s exciting time to because you’re starting to see more of the portfolio transition from on Prem physical base to now virtual base.

00:14:10.710 –> 00:14:20.280
benrogers: and getting up in the cloud and so that’s exciting to me, as well as you don’t necessarily have to sell a black box anymore, to get some of these features and again it just makes it more.

00:14:20.850 –> 00:14:29.610
benrogers: Reliable more agile for the customer, and then it gives citrus a chance to deploy more Marcus because we’ve got better technology, be able to do that.

00:14:30.690 –> 00:14:30.900

00:14:32.190 –> 00:14:38.760
Andy Whiteside: it’s a visual it’s coming to me is like you know here locally, I use Google maps to get places, even though I know the way.

00:14:39.090 –> 00:14:51.090
Andy Whiteside: Now the sudden this starts to allow me to in the cloud and on premises use something like a Google maps type thing virtually here not not actual Google maps, but to figure out how i’m going to get from you know one continent to another.

00:14:52.260 –> 00:14:59.400
Andy Whiteside: But also understanding, you know kind of the reasons why i’m going from one to another and helping to use that as information for decision making.

00:15:02.580 –> 00:15:09.360
Andy Whiteside: All right, Chris the next section talks about citrix daz desktop as a service innovations, you want to do and hit maybe these bullets, one of the time.

00:15:10.350 –> 00:15:15.540
Carisa Stringer: yeah sure we can start out with service continuity, so this one to me is super exciting.

00:15:16.530 –> 00:15:23.820
Carisa Stringer: If I think of people right, I think, then, making the comment about folks looking to go from on Prem to the cloud service is very relevant here.

00:15:24.270 –> 00:15:30.780
Carisa Stringer: Obviously, a lot of people making that transition, but still trying to figure out how do I make sure if I have.

00:15:31.410 –> 00:15:39.060
Carisa Stringer: Apps and desktops on premises and i’m using cloud infrastructure in parallel, how do I aggregate and load balance and make sure I maintain connectivity.

00:15:39.600 –> 00:15:48.180
Carisa Stringer: To service continuity is is pretty cool it’s not just one thing right it’s an aggregate of many things as part of the citrix virtual Apps and desktop service.

00:15:48.480 –> 00:16:01.080
Carisa Stringer: So the cool thing here is pretty much from an end user perspective if, for some reason Internet service providers down identity is down some other cloud service that has a dependency that you need.

00:16:01.410 –> 00:16:07.680
Carisa Stringer: To be able to get to your virtual virtual desktop instances service continent actually has the intelligence.

00:16:08.160 –> 00:16:16.350
Carisa Stringer: To cash and encrypt the information that they user needs to connect to that resource, even if something else in the mix is down.

00:16:17.040 –> 00:16:26.670
Carisa Stringer: So this is an iterative announcement we’ve obviously we’re publicly GA and the first step in the journey, but a lot more excitement and enhancements coming with this one.

00:16:28.290 –> 00:16:30.930
Andy Whiteside: then build any thoughts or comments on this particular topic.

00:16:33.090 –> 00:16:37.890
Bill Sutton: yeah I think this is, I agree with you, Chris I think this is a huge one for customers, I know.

00:16:38.340 –> 00:16:44.010
Bill Sutton: i’ve managed the consulting team here and they get a lot of my consultants get a lot of questions from customers about what happens if.

00:16:44.430 –> 00:16:53.310
Bill Sutton: The cloud goes or the control plane goes down or what happens if you know if this goes down how are we going to continue to connect to our resources and service continuity, when it was.

00:16:53.640 –> 00:16:58.530
Bill Sutton: In tech preview we started talking about a little bit and customers started reading about it and have lots of questions.

00:16:59.100 –> 00:17:07.650
Bill Sutton: it’s nice to see this GA and and also some of the enhancements that have come around relative to integrating it with chrome and edge some of the things.

00:17:07.980 –> 00:17:18.150
Bill Sutton: That you guys are doing to make it work, not just with the workspace APP but also with with browser based access yeah, this is a this is huge for those customers that have those concerns, which really is most of them.

00:17:20.790 –> 00:17:21.990
Andy Whiteside: had been any thoughts on this topic.

00:17:23.400 –> 00:17:31.650
benrogers: yeah I think this is a, this is just a pie that keeps getting better as they add ingredients to it, you know At first it came out, it was it was very.

00:17:32.190 –> 00:17:38.160
benrogers: Narrow as far as you had to have workspace APP on windows he had to have certain i’s and t’s crossed.

00:17:38.550 –> 00:17:46.800
benrogers: But as we’re getting into it, I mean they’re coming up with the Linux version of it man there now I will do it away without workspace or have workspace in it, but can do it from browser based.

00:17:47.280 –> 00:17:53.640
benrogers: So there’s just expanding the format of this, I think this is going to be really good for customers, especially they have anxiety with.

00:17:53.970 –> 00:17:58.890
benrogers: What ifs, you know and healthcare is big for that what if something goes down what’s our back door for this.

00:17:59.310 –> 00:18:13.470
benrogers: So again, the more they bake this the better that it gets and I have not had the opportunity to put this in the wild yet i’m looking forward to that, but i’m just glad to see that the model is expanding so it’s not such a restrictive conversation, it was it was two or three months ago.

00:18:15.870 –> 00:18:22.080
Andy Whiteside: So it’s Christmas next one, which I find very interesting being old school citrix guy the provisioning services within azure.

00:18:22.770 –> 00:18:35.580
Andy Whiteside: I don’t necessarily understand where this fits but tell us what this means, and why this is important to citrix customers looking to run desktops or work with desktop workloads are APP workloads in azure.

00:18:37.470 –> 00:18:46.200
Carisa Stringer: or so, you know Andy at the same kind of like the citrix PBS or provisioning services we call it, like the secret sauce right.

00:18:46.470 –> 00:18:54.510
Carisa Stringer: If you were doing that image management to rapidly push out those changes to make an update very quick to that kind of golden image.

00:18:54.990 –> 00:19:02.310
Carisa Stringer: A lot of customers were very adverse it did become PBS has become so integral to their on premises deployments.

00:19:02.580 –> 00:19:09.270
Carisa Stringer: That some were hesitant to actually make the transition to the cloud because they felt like they were losing you know some of those capabilities.

00:19:09.690 –> 00:19:14.610
Carisa Stringer: So we’re excited that PBS is coming to azure and then Google cloud so follows.

00:19:15.120 –> 00:19:19.590
Carisa Stringer: From there because it’ll give that same kind of capabilities, I also think just.

00:19:19.920 –> 00:19:30.090
Carisa Stringer: like to give a use case scenario, taking the ability to take something that might be an on Prem Dev environment to move it to cloud, to be able to keep consistency across all that environment.

00:19:30.390 –> 00:19:38.970
Carisa Stringer: And then of course the speed of which you can push things out i’ll be very, very excited we have some performance testing and stuff but their early indicators.

00:19:39.240 –> 00:19:47.640
Carisa Stringer: show that it’s actually kind of faster than using the native hyper scale it or to do some of the the provisioning so very excited for that one.

00:19:49.980 –> 00:20:01.710
Andy Whiteside: curious how that works, I could see where it would be faster and more controllable and certainly more portable and I guess if you if you take away the potential network challenges we’ve had historically had it might actually make more sense and i’m giving it credit for.

00:20:04.230 –> 00:20:09.660
Andy Whiteside: bill you’ve been around PBS for a decade or so thoughts.

00:20:09.690 –> 00:20:15.240
Bill Sutton: Since they acquired it, yes, the old tweet Georgia brown video we all remember right.

00:20:16.320 –> 00:20:23.670
Bill Sutton: yeah this is going to be interesting i’m looking forward to being able to test and play around with this one, a little bit, so I would agree that.

00:20:24.090 –> 00:20:33.420
Bill Sutton: Chris I think there are a lot of folks that have have grown up with PBS and continue to use it, especially the large organizations that have come to rely on it, and I can certainly see why it might have.

00:20:33.930 –> 00:20:38.460
Bill Sutton: might have reduced their desire to go to the cloud, and this will help with that, I think, but.

00:20:39.150 –> 00:20:49.110
Bill Sutton: There are folks that are that really don’t want to use anything but PBS and I think those will be the ones, are we looking at this first so i’m gonna i’m looking forward to being able to test this little bit, so it looks like.

00:20:51.540 –> 00:20:52.260
Andy Whiteside: Then I took.

00:20:52.320 –> 00:21:00.930
benrogers: me this one up, I think I think this has a lot to do with what bill said just creatures of habit, you know you got you got administrator that know PBS.

00:21:01.470 –> 00:21:05.220
benrogers: But PBS does have some advantages man, especially when you talk about burgeoning.

00:21:05.610 –> 00:21:11.070
benrogers: And so, for me, when i’m having conversation with my healthcare customers they be they’ve got to keep up you know they just can’t.

00:21:11.430 –> 00:21:19.860
benrogers: update a desktop and then let that roll without some way of going backwards and PBS is king it out, from what I understand it, so.

00:21:20.220 –> 00:21:25.080
benrogers: The ability to do version is kept people with PBS and the ability to go backwards and.

00:21:25.440 –> 00:21:30.720
benrogers: i’m excited to see this because, again, it takes a barrier out of our conversations with them when trying to get them the cloud.

00:21:31.020 –> 00:21:39.930
benrogers: Your PBS customer is dependent on PBS for your version we get that we now can do this and azure and as your article says here is coming to Google soon.

00:21:40.230 –> 00:21:53.160
benrogers: So creatures of habit, I agree, but also know some industries that they really want that granular image management that PBS brings so i’m excited to see this COM goes again it just takes down another barrier of conversation that we have.

00:21:54.150 –> 00:22:02.070
Andy Whiteside: Well, and if you’re you know, an azure shop and maybe you have Google as well, for your eyes now Now you can take that same image and put it in a bbs environment both places.

00:22:03.330 –> 00:22:12.750
Andy Whiteside: Maybe that makes it easier well here here’s the next comment citrix image portability is that related to this PBS conversation or is that I think that’s another service you guys are coming out with right.

00:22:14.100 –> 00:22:21.510
Carisa Stringer: Yes, another service there, I would say they’re related in the world of image management and kind of cloud migration.

00:22:22.170 –> 00:22:30.000
Carisa Stringer: they’re not intertwined quite yet, but they may be someday just to maybe give you a little high level summary of citrix image portability.

00:22:30.480 –> 00:22:38.490
Carisa Stringer: So if i’m running on premises images right and i’m running on a beefier citrix hypervisor even a hyper V.

00:22:38.820 –> 00:22:46.830
Carisa Stringer: i’ve got to have that image configured to run on top of that native hypervisor I have to have the necessary tools there’s driver mappings that come into play.

00:22:47.430 –> 00:22:56.400
Carisa Stringer: The minute I want to take that image and move it to a native cloud infrastructure now, I have a new set of configurations and things that I need to make as part of that so.

00:22:56.640 –> 00:23:04.320
Carisa Stringer: What image portability doesn’t you know, probably, if you think through the the pandemic and all the pressure we had to move people from home.

00:23:05.010 –> 00:23:10.530
Carisa Stringer: What image portability would let you do is take that native image and actually move it very seamlessly to.

00:23:11.040 –> 00:23:24.450
Carisa Stringer: Public cloud infrastructure auto configure the image so it’s going to run optimized for that native hyper scale or infrastructure and that’s kind of the first step is getting it to the cloud, but then you could see it even coming into play, is it.

00:23:25.560 –> 00:23:29.250
Carisa Stringer: You know, between cloud locations, I have some folks in the East and the West.

00:23:29.760 –> 00:23:37.770
Carisa Stringer: You know, in my world and your guys world right we’re on hurricane watch through the end of November, if all of a sudden, I gotta switch over to infrastructure in a different GL I can do that.

00:23:38.190 –> 00:23:43.560
Carisa Stringer: And then ultimately down the road it’ll get into multi cloud being able to move between clouds as well.

00:23:46.050 –> 00:23:49.440
Andy Whiteside: That I could see that extremely valuable for organizations that.

00:23:50.700 –> 00:24:03.510
Andy Whiteside: they’re gonna have a multi cloud approach like we talked about a little bit so far and sounds like this gives us going to give us two options, one would be the portability service, now that would be standing up PBS in both environments, maybe tweaking the tools if tools are included.

00:24:05.130 –> 00:24:08.250
Andy Whiteside: bill disparate show up in your world thoughts.

00:24:08.880 –> 00:24:16.980
Bill Sutton: yeah I can I mean we’ve got some projects right now that are for folks are migrating from on Prem to cloud and typically they just build that new, but I can certainly.

00:24:17.520 –> 00:24:25.260
Bill Sutton: I can certainly say where this I will, I know a couple of cases where this would definitely help because they’ve got they’ve invested a lot in there on Prem image and they want to move it to azure and.

00:24:25.710 –> 00:24:40.350
Bill Sutton: Being able to get that have a means of getting that image up there without without a lot of hassle certainly would be a benefit, so I, this is another solid offering I think citrix is is coming out with and definitely going to move in move us and making it easier for customers.

00:24:43.080 –> 00:24:44.220
Andy Whiteside: Then, have you run into customers as.

00:24:47.190 –> 00:24:56.970
benrogers: Well, this takes me back to the old days of being on Prem with ghost and having different machine builds and just the complexity of managing all that what machine he got a bill what drivers do they need and.

00:24:57.030 –> 00:25:00.810
benrogers: You kind of want to nirvana where you’re like I need one image that does all of this.

00:25:01.470 –> 00:25:12.210
benrogers: And so I see, this is a godsend to be real honest with you, let me look at my staff and go hey worry about this one image it doesn’t matter where it goes, we can port it to wherever we need it.

00:25:12.630 –> 00:25:14.730
benrogers: We now just get the concentrate on this so.

00:25:15.120 –> 00:25:26.940
benrogers: From a from a management administrative level, I think this is going to be a godsend to engineers and I think they’re going to salivate when they really see this in action and go Oh, I can build something and I can send it everywhere.

00:25:27.630 –> 00:25:34.740
benrogers: i’m looking forward to putting this in front of customers and developing a DEMO on this so very excited about this, but aging myself.

00:25:35.040 –> 00:25:46.950
benrogers: As Chris was talking, I was thinking about the old ghost days and oh I got a DC 500 now I got a DC 510 and it’s got different drivers and so again, it just takes me back to those old days.

00:25:48.240 –> 00:25:49.500
Andy Whiteside: Everything old is new again.

00:25:51.240 –> 00:25:53.520
benrogers: Exactly same old problem different way to solve it.

00:25:55.050 –> 00:26:03.000
Andy Whiteside: Next, one is a nap providing support for azure vmware solution is krista that’s where you’re running a vmware based solution on top of azure as your compute right.

00:26:04.320 –> 00:26:11.130
Carisa Stringer: Correct and just taking it we’ve done citrix ready certification of that in the past, so now kind of moving it to the next level, I will say on.

00:26:11.850 –> 00:26:20.430
Carisa Stringer: That one a little bit more info and some reference architectures targeted to come out around Microsoft ignite time so just maybe as a nod to that one.

00:26:22.590 –> 00:26:29.460
Andy Whiteside: um so the last bill, you have your integrated citrix daz with service now virtual agent as a citrix partner who’s.

00:26:29.880 –> 00:26:42.390
Andy Whiteside: Trying to do more and more with service now this this sounds exciting and it sounds similar to what maybe microsoft’s doing on their desktop as a service empowering the user to make requests from within the desktop itself is that is that what this is.

00:26:43.740 –> 00:26:53.130
Carisa Stringer: Correct and actually you know, maybe to give a little bit more click down into it so obviously you could go into service, now the ID sm system and enter a ticket, you know.

00:26:53.400 –> 00:26:58.740
Carisa Stringer: This is happening or something and go through the manual process of resolving that ticket.

00:26:59.160 –> 00:27:08.910
Carisa Stringer: This is actually great on both sides to the service now has a virtual agent, just like you were saying so now Andy with them within the desktop as i’ve got that virtual agent, I can actually make a.

00:27:09.390 –> 00:27:17.520
Carisa Stringer: comment or remark, you know if there’s something going on with my citrix virtual APP or virtual desktop session but it actually goes one step farther so.

00:27:17.880 –> 00:27:24.180
Carisa Stringer: Service now will actually make the direct call to the citrix virtual Apps and desktops broker.

00:27:24.540 –> 00:27:40.440
Carisa Stringer: And it will actually go ahead and for a common set of scenarios, it will actually run through automatically process that users request resolve it and let the user know it’s been taken care of form, so a lot more automation and integration happening between the two system.

00:27:42.090 –> 00:27:45.720
Andy Whiteside: Then, if you run into customers looking for integration with citrix and service now.

00:27:47.610 –> 00:27:54.570
benrogers: I have a dd and I need to get back with them and let them know this is coming, they were actually looking to do some micro APP stuff with us.

00:27:55.230 –> 00:28:03.540
benrogers: To get in things in the service now, so this is exciting and I need I need to circle back around with them and let them know this is coming so i’m glad to glad to see this.

00:28:07.020 –> 00:28:20.190
Andy Whiteside: deal I know you’ve had several customers that we’ve worked with it we’re looking to integrate with service now just another example where your citrix is trying to play along with the industry leader and give people enablement to be part of their own workflows.

00:28:20.310 –> 00:28:27.660
Bill Sutton: Oh yeah I agree with that and and and what Ben said as well, probably need to circle back with these customers and talk about this.

00:28:29.550 –> 00:28:34.110
Andy Whiteside: So, Chris to the next section i’ll do a little disclaimer here citrix and Microsoft and you were.

00:28:34.980 –> 00:28:41.100
Andy Whiteside: talking earlier about making sure we just kind of stick to what’s on the text here because I want to make sure we don’t say thing that Microsoft hasn’t.

00:28:41.790 –> 00:28:45.840
Andy Whiteside: agreed for us to say yet, because I know big things are coming, I will say that.

00:28:46.530 –> 00:28:54.300
Andy Whiteside: It was really interesting when Microsoft announced their windows 365 and there was no no citrix related to that you probably can’t go into a lot on that, right now, but.

00:28:54.570 –> 00:29:07.830
Andy Whiteside: Obviously you to have a long history, together, and if you’re going to be doing, you know windows 365 desktop as a service sounds like citrix at some point can help out with that chrissy you want to just cover this topic to be on what I just covered.

00:29:09.180 –> 00:29:17.220
Carisa Stringer: yeah sure i’m not allowed to deviate much from the text that basically says we’ve worked together for years and we’re working together create a complimentary solution.

00:29:17.610 –> 00:29:25.560
Carisa Stringer: Basically, this announcement was stay tuned right when we get a lot more details finalized obviously we’ll circle back and be very excited to share this.

00:29:26.100 –> 00:29:31.050
Carisa Stringer: The other thing that maybe i’ll highlight in that announcement, oh no and, if you want to walk through it kind of in two parts.

00:29:31.590 –> 00:29:41.160
Carisa Stringer: But maybe at a high level what I will summarize a few other things it’s kind of interesting there, but the presence of the citrix solutions in azure marketplace.

00:29:41.670 –> 00:29:49.020
Carisa Stringer: A lot of folks have used their signed up for maybe it’s an azure I think they call it consumption commitment or as your commitments.

00:29:49.740 –> 00:29:59.340
Carisa Stringer: So one of the other great things that we announced as part of the citrix and Microsoft partnership is if the customer has those as your commitments they can actually leverage those.

00:29:59.700 –> 00:30:09.150
Carisa Stringer: Now to purchase the citrix virtual Apps and desktop services and then of course we’ve done a lot of work regarding our integration with azure virtual desktops.

00:30:09.480 –> 00:30:18.960
Carisa Stringer: So we have a great new cost paper we have kind of four different customers that we brought in Forrester, to run a total economic impact analysis.

00:30:19.290 –> 00:30:29.310
Carisa Stringer: And it just really shows the value of integrating citrix with a native as your virtual desktop solution, so a few other key highlights kind of wrapped up in there yeah.

00:30:29.580 –> 00:30:39.750
Andy Whiteside: So it just makes sense that you guys will continue to expand upon what Microsoft does and try to round out some of the pieces and make it a better solution for customers you’ve made the investment or thinking about it.

00:30:42.240 –> 00:30:57.480
Andy Whiteside: All right, last one here citrix and new tonics we’ve had several podcasts on the citrix side of the Atlantic side, but just kind of highlighting again the idea that you guys are our partners and see where this value on both sides to bring to each other, do you want to cover this.

00:30:59.160 –> 00:31:10.980
Carisa Stringer: door so again, this is kind of a reminiscent down citrix past citrix history so new tannic having you know such a huge presence in running underneath so many citrix installations.

00:31:11.460 –> 00:31:16.920
Carisa Stringer: So pretty much the join announcement is that you know each other’s kind of become a preferred solution.

00:31:17.340 –> 00:31:27.030
Carisa Stringer: So very exciting very excited to start working with a lot of our friends more deeply over it new tannic so this, this has been around for a long time, but we’re kind of taking that relationship to the next level.

00:31:28.320 –> 00:31:32.520
Andy Whiteside: So then bill you’re welcome to come in and so we’ve we’ve covered it a decent amount, but you guys know that.

00:31:32.820 –> 00:31:38.370
Andy Whiteside: Its integrity partners a huge fan of the new tannic citric story anything you guys would like to highlight, on that.

00:31:44.160 –> 00:31:56.310
Bill Sutton: Now I think you know that would really just echo what you said Andy i’m you know newt annex is a solid platform for citrix and i’m glad to see that they’re continuing to develop the relationship yeah.

00:31:56.400 –> 00:31:59.820
Andy Whiteside: I can tell you personally i’ve spent all morning building out a vmware environment for.

00:32:00.930 –> 00:32:05.760
Andy Whiteside: For a customer conference later this week where i’m using that, as my hypervisor and my infrastructure and.

00:32:07.260 –> 00:32:20.550
Andy Whiteside: You know it’s been a lot it works it works great, but there was one key thing I forgot to do and it’s been a long time since i’ve done it and I just I caught myself about four hours worth of setup time and i’ll know next time, maybe if I don’t forget again.

00:32:23.550 –> 00:32:23.790
Andy Whiteside: well.

00:32:24.330 –> 00:32:28.380
benrogers: I think this is a good market strategy for us to be real honest with you this.

00:32:28.980 –> 00:32:40.200
benrogers: You know customers that rely on the tactics got a new tactics infrastructure, looking at new tactics being part of their future build because they’re getting into the cloud environment as well, I think this is just.

00:32:41.250 –> 00:32:54.360
benrogers: strengthens that partnership and will allow us to be able to services customers that have moved new tactics part of their solution, so I applaud it man i’m glad to see that we’re growing in the different models and clouds that we are.

00:32:55.530 –> 00:32:55.800
benrogers: Now.

00:32:56.400 –> 00:32:59.580
Andy Whiteside: You know it’s it’s a world where everybody needs partners or by needs friends and.

00:33:00.330 –> 00:33:04.950
Andy Whiteside: A lot of these players on the infrastructure side needs citrix to make a great solution and citrix needs.

00:33:05.400 –> 00:33:10.140
Andy Whiteside: Lots of infrastructure plays to make make their solution work right you gotta have that execute that.

00:33:10.590 –> 00:33:21.540
Andy Whiteside: That consumption piece, whether it’s in a cloud or whether it’s on premises or hybrid somewhere in between, so it really just makes less sense to take best of breed pieces and put them together, where where you’re trying to solve real problems.

00:33:22.920 –> 00:33:35.640
benrogers: I think I think it’s the commitment to any device any location anywhere, I mean I think that’s really what citrix has touted for years and will continue to tout I think that this is the proof in the pudding you know that we can do this.

00:33:36.090 –> 00:33:42.360
benrogers: And so, for customers that have diversity loads they look at us, because we can get you to about anywhere that you need to be.

00:33:43.020 –> 00:33:43.350

00:33:44.880 –> 00:33:50.190
Andy Whiteside: yeah I was literally thinking, the way to grab a sandwich few minutes ago, somebody asked me to implement another uc solution.

00:33:50.610 –> 00:33:59.610
Andy Whiteside: A much lesser uc solution, the other day and i’ve been working with the customer in question for a decade or more, and the customer always runs into challenges that even citrix hasn’t solved.

00:34:00.180 –> 00:34:06.240
Andy Whiteside: And i’m like I don’t know how in the world i’d begin to do that on this very you know rudimentary level.

00:34:06.960 –> 00:34:16.830
Andy Whiteside: solution that’s that’s also available to that customer part of an entitlement that they have but they would waste more time and money, trying to make it work than just than just putting citrix in the mix.

00:34:19.020 –> 00:34:24.690
Andy Whiteside: So, Chris this last section talks about learn more I think that’s maybe just a promo on more of these topics is that true.

00:34:25.920 –> 00:34:36.240
Carisa Stringer: yeah definitely just to try and cause some attention to the other launchpad events that we had there was one other announcement not kind of in there, but this is a reference to.

00:34:36.990 –> 00:34:50.670
Carisa Stringer: large scale implementations that we had with some of our global system integrators just the scale of which we have implementation so far, so one more note there and there’s a few more kind of follow up action items, you can take.

00:34:52.350 –> 00:35:03.930
Andy Whiteside: Well, Chris I appreciate you joining us always and, as you write more blogs will certainly have you back on love love having you on loved your experience your history and your passion for the space and citrix specifically.

00:35:05.280 –> 00:35:11.340
Carisa Stringer: Oh, surely appreciate it really appreciate the invite great to get to chat with such a wonderful crew here today.

00:35:12.930 –> 00:35:16.950
Andy Whiteside: he’s been for dropping the highlights, you want to bring up outside of this.

00:35:17.070 –> 00:35:24.570
benrogers: I do it, I do add it goes to a conversation, you and I were having the other day, with a user’s group.

00:35:25.080 –> 00:35:34.020
benrogers: In you and I asked them what they wanted to DEMO and you and I were thinking, the latest and greatest and they took us 10 years back, you know they were like we want to see citrix basics.

00:35:34.500 –> 00:35:43.680
benrogers: And you and I kind of scratched our heads and we’re like we could have had that conversation 10 years ago we’re ready to have a conversation about the products and assets that we have today.

00:35:44.160 –> 00:35:54.660
benrogers: I think that’s one thing that launch pads really going to be good for, for you know traditional customers is this gives them a mechanism to see what we’re doing new.

00:35:54.960 –> 00:36:03.330
benrogers: And what all products that are coming out that you know it’s hard to get people to meet these days, because people are busy they’re running businesses they’re trying to get tasks done.

00:36:03.630 –> 00:36:08.460
benrogers: they’re being asked to do more with less I applaud citrus for doing this launchpad because.

00:36:08.820 –> 00:36:17.700
benrogers: This will give us a way to interact with customers at their own pace and allow them dissolve the new things that we got coming down that we can’t do in an hour DEMO.

00:36:17.940 –> 00:36:26.730
benrogers: Or that we can’t do in a you know our users group session driving them to this site will really help them absorb of what all citrix is doing the day and so.

00:36:27.090 –> 00:36:34.320
benrogers: It as as I looked through the content of this it kind of took me back to that moment that meeting, where you and I were like let’s show you the new.

00:36:34.590 –> 00:36:41.580
benrogers: And then we discussed a lot of our traditional customers might not know what all the new is or how they can take advantage of it.

00:36:41.850 –> 00:36:49.830
benrogers: launchpad will give them the way to be able to do that at their own pace, without pressure of a sales REP or an engineer sitting behind them so.

00:36:50.310 –> 00:37:05.460
benrogers: listeners get out there absorb this view always got any questions reach out to us directly but i’m excited for this series and excited to see more come down the pipe because I do think it’s geared towards helping our customers comprehend what all citrus has going on today.

00:37:06.540 –> 00:37:14.040
Andy Whiteside: You know it’s it’s a challenge for me it comes back to this conversation that we’re having someone now, and also the conversation we had the other day if you’re a real citrix.

00:37:14.400 –> 00:37:23.670
Andy Whiteside: consultant engineer administrator you got to think about the old stuff and what they’re doing new to the old stuff and you also have to put on a different hat and look at what the new stuff is.

00:37:23.970 –> 00:37:30.030
Andy Whiteside: and try to try to interact, the two, as well as keep them separate so you can keep your learning it’s all moving so fast.

00:37:30.450 –> 00:37:40.980
Andy Whiteside: And a lot of that old stuffs not you know it’s not dead, it continues to evolve and involved in evolving good ways that add value to the legacy solutions that are still very relevant.

00:37:43.950 –> 00:37:51.000
Andy Whiteside: A bill you’ve seen live been through all that’s got probably 10 more years for you call it quits you up for the challenge.

00:37:51.150 –> 00:38:00.120
Bill Sutton: i’m up for the challenge and they wouldn’t be here if I wanted, but no I I would echo a lot of what Ben said I attended all three of the launch pad events, I found them very informative.

00:38:01.050 –> 00:38:13.680
Bill Sutton: Obviously they they spur questions by customers and when those customers have questions, one of the thing they can do is listen to this podcast that try to get a little bit more detail on on what’s been what’s been discussed, as well as hear from folks like clarissa.

00:38:14.700 –> 00:38:22.320
Bill Sutton: To help explain some of these elements and then spur interest to go further, to go deeper and engage our sales resources and our sales engineers so.

00:38:22.530 –> 00:38:26.250
Bill Sutton: it’s a win, win all the way around I think it’s a great series, and I hope they continue it but.

00:38:26.640 –> 00:38:35.430
Bill Sutton: That said, I also hope that we will get back at some point, in addition to this, to the in person summits and and synergies, I really.

00:38:35.730 –> 00:38:45.840
Bill Sutton: Think those have great value to the to the user base and to the partners into citrix as an organization so i’m hopeful, we can get back to that, if not next year, then maybe then the year after but.

00:38:46.530 –> 00:38:53.760
Bill Sutton: I do think the launch pads are a great a great way to get information out the customers and I applaud citrix for for developing it and continue to do it.

00:38:55.710 –> 00:39:01.050
Andy Whiteside: With that guys, thank you, Chris and thank you again and we’ll look forward to having you on and joining us at another time.

00:39:02.820 –> 00:39:03.870
Carisa Stringer: Thanks everybody.

00:39:04.650 –> 00:39:05.580
Bill Sutton: You guys, thank you.