76: IGEL Weekly: Community Podcast Live from Disrupt 2023 in Nashville

Apr 5, 2023

Join us live from IGEL Disrupt in Nashville, as we talk all things EUC, and the disruptive nature of IGEL OS.

In this episode, we were lucky to get some face time with IGEL CEO Jed Ayres, and IGEL SVP Irfan Khursid.  Jed and Irfan did share some insights in what we should expect coming out of Disrupt 2023, so be sure to listen to the end.  Exciting times ahead for IGEL customers, IGEL partners, and the entire EUC ecosystem. 

Host: Barry Browne
Co-host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Sebastien Persuat
Guest : Moin Kahn
Guest: Jed Ayres
Guest: David Prows
Guest Irfan Jhurshid

p.s.  The audio quality is not the best, so apologies in advance.