7: Syncing with ServiceNow: Provision Databases Easier with Nutanix Era & ServiceNow

Sep 2, 2021

Provisioning new databases and cloning database requests make up a hefty portion of a database administrator’s (DBAs) workload. As reported in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact survey for Nutanix Era, database provisioning is time consuming, tedious, and often requires additional approvals for new systems to support the new provision. DBAs reported that “to handle the capacity of existing database management and incoming requests, the DBA teams often needed to work overtime and weekends” (Forrester p7). As one respondent noted: “We get requests for new databases all the time, but we have to have a server before we can even start. Our database and operations teams were resource-constrained, and a request could take up to two weeks to deliver. That was just too long” (Forrester p7).

The Forrester study also noted that many organizations lack standard workflow procedures that can streamline the provisioning process for more effective procedures in database provisioning. Surveyed customers commented that, when workflow best practices are applied holistically across several different database types, common provisioning mistakes could be avoided.

Nutanix has partnered with ServiceNow, Inc. to integrate Nutanix Era™ into the ServiceNow® platform. Using the ServiceNow Nutanix Era Plugin for Database Management, Era and ServiceNow customers can use standard workflow processes to ease database provisioning even further.

Nutanix Era can increase database provisioning by 97% through its one-click database management and control plane as noted in Forrester’s TEI report for Era. This process can be streamlined even further through the integration with ServiceNow’s digital workflow processes.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Eric Schwarts
Guest: Jon Spallone
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