3: Salesforce Simplified: How Do I Get My Sales Reps To Use a CRM?

Nov 6, 2023

You could have the most beautifully baked-out processes and tools in your customer relationship management platform (CRM), but if reps aren’t using them, you’ve invested in something with zero return. Building trust is crucial, especially at the beginning, because no rollout of any new tool or process is ever perfect. You’ll hit snags or unanticipated bugs. These early challenges require lots and lots of patience from your team while they get resolved.

If your teams aren’t bought in on the bigger picture, they’ll have zero tolerance for when things inevitably go wrong – big or small. You’ll miss whatever goal you were originally working toward. And the sales operations team would have spent weeks and months rolling out a new process for a CRM that’s ultimately rejected. Buy-in helps you avoid all of that tension and makes sure reps adopt new processes as you introduce new tools into their workflow.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Derek Cassese