2: The Citrix Session – Network Edition – Identify Outdated Citrix ADC Firmware and Security

Jun 10, 2021

As an admin for your enterprise fleet of Citrix ADCs, you may often have different software releases and builds on different instances all at once. Because each software release has a defined lifecycle, admins need to keep tabs on Citrix ADC releases that are approaching end of maintenance (EOM) or end of life (EOL) and plan upgrades accordingly.

Citrix publishes EOM and EOL dates for all releases on the Citrix Product Lifecycle Matrix. Until now, admins looking to keep their Citrix ADC fleets up to date needed to reference this matrix, manually double check which of their own instances were approaching EOM or EOL, and execute an upgrade.

Not anymore!

Host: Chris Doran
Guests: Sanyukta Nadkarni and Saurabh Dave