16: On the Horizon: Why VMware Horizon is the clear choice to replace your legacy desktop virtualization environment

Jul 28, 2021

The last year has changed a lot about the end-user computing landscape. We transitioned from workplaces that were very well-known (mostly on-premises with a few established remote users) to a distributed workforce that inhabits a less well-defined workplace that could be, frankly, anywhere. Organizations that already made extensive use of a desktop virtualization solution and prioritized remote access were well-positioned to weather the storm, but others didn’t fare so well for one reason or another. Even today, some are struggling to keep their legacy environments running.

We routinely hear from customers that their existing environment, for whatever reason, isn’t able to keep up with demand. Sometimes it’s as simple as an aging infrastructure in need of replacement, but other times the situation is more complex. Many say their legacy platform hasn’t kept up with the times with modern features of desktop virtualization technology or that support is hard to come by. Others have to deal with security issues that are amplified by increased demand for remote work. And some are simply having to deal with increased costs without an increase in capabilities.

It’s with these situations in mind that I wanted to take some time to explain the unique capabilities of VMware Anywhere Workspace – and specifically VMware Horizon – that so many customers have come to depend on for a more robust desktop virtualization strategy.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Eric Collet
Co-Host: Gabe Knuth