16: IGEL Weekly: Combatting the Tsunami of e-Waste

May 7, 2021

Back in the 1980’s, there was a focused effort to stop the environmental impact of pollution caused by litter and other harmful pollutants damaging our air quality and water. The public service announcement proclaimed: “People Start Pollution, People Can Stop It.” Little did we know then how relevant this slogan would be for the massive volume of e-waste now damaging our environment.

The UN is calling it the “Tsunami of E-Waste”. It’s the world’s fasted growing waste stream and is becoming a significant global environmental issue. Whether piled in the landfill or incinerated, improperly processed e-waste causes significant health risks to humans, as well as the environment around use, as dangerous toxins are released.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Chris Feeney