145: The Citrix Session: 5 new ways Citrix and Google are simplifying your cloud transition

Oct 3, 2023

Last fall, Citrix and Google Cloud announced our commitment to helping customers accelerate and embrace hybrid work models with our strengthened roadmap and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offerings on Google Cloud.

Today, we’re proud to share that we’ve delivered on the first steps of our joint DaaS roadmap — making it easier than ever for organizations with Citrix VDI solutions to transition to Citrix DaaS on Google Cloud. And the timing couldn’t be better. With 90 percent of organizations planning to adopt hybrid work this year, IT needs a way to get there that’s efficient, cost-effective, secure, and flexible.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Co-host: Todd Smith