141: The Citrix Session: Simplify Citrix Workspace app Management with Global App Configuration service

Aug 29, 2023

The rise of remote and hybrid work has allowed users to access their Citrix environments in increasingly diverse ways. To support this rise in flexible working arrangements, employers are now tasked with providing a seamless end-user experience across an array of endpoints. This adds complexity to managing, deploying, and standardizing Citrix Workspace app configurations and upgrades. Outdated Workspace app versions can lead to version drift, security vulnerabilities, discrepancies in capability, and connectivity issues – all headaches for an administrator.

To address these issues, we introduced Citrix Global App Configuration Service which offers a convenient and centralized deployment solution for administrators delivering the Citrix Workspace app across devices, domains, and operating systems. Available via the Citrix Cloud console without additional licensing, Global App Configuration Service enables Citrix administrators to control and deploy Citrix Workspace app configurations and settings — without depending on 3rd party app-deployment tools across on-premise and cloud environments. Citrix teams can now manage and upgrade the Citrix Workspace app on any device accessing the Citrix environment, including BYO devices.

It also provides a one-stop shop for administrators to apply application settings such as agent management, session resolution, and clipboard redirection for all end users accessing the environment. 

Global App Configuration Service offers essential services to streamline the admin and end-user experience of the Citrix Workspace app. These services address several major use cases such as email discovery of StoreFront/Workspace, centralized Workspace agent management, and application configuration.

Host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers