VMware Fast-Track Program

Apps On-Demand: JustStart

Realize the Power of VMware Apps On-Demand: 10 Apps in 20 Days or Less

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IT Infrastructure

We’re excited to offer a speedy, efficient solution to adopt VMware Apps On-Demand technology in your IT environment. We ensure a seamless deployment of VMware App Volumes management and packaging servers into your infrastructure, packaging 10 applications with your team and enabling the discovery of Apps On-Demand together. For SCCM customers, our optional Rimo3 pilot facilitates easy conversion of existing packages to App Volumes. All of this is offered free to customers, with an engagement period of 20 days or less.

The Value of Speed and Efficiency

Our engagement, lasting 20 days or less, is not only a boost for your IT operations but is also free to the customer. This prompt implementation allows you to save on time and resources while gaining a head-start in fully utilizing VMware’s state-of-the-art technology.

Accelerated Deployment

Deploy 10 applications within 20 days, driving efficiency and delivering results rapidly.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of XenTegra, an international IT solutions advisor and reseller, during your digital transformation journey. We assist and advise on integration and implementation, allowing you to future-proof your initiatives.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enjoy our services free of cost*, making it a highly cost-effective solution that provides maximum value.

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Revolutionize your IT infrastructure and speed up your application deployment process. Fill out the form below to begin your journey with XenTegra’s VMware Apps On-Demand. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of this transformative experience. Don’t wait – start realizing the benefits of rapid, efficient, and cost-effective digital transformation today.


(*Terms and conditions apply. JustStart is funded by VMware and its partners. XenTegra will work with you to ensure qualification for the program and its terms and conditions.)

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