Apps On-Demand: JustStart


The fastest way to realize the benefits of VMware Apps On-Demand technology

Introducing the fastest and easiest way to experience the benefits of VMware Apps On-Demand technology.

Experience the power of VMware App Volumes management and packaging servers without any hassle. XenTegra will take care of everything – from deploying the App Volumes management and packaging servers to packaging 10 applications alongside your team, and even installing the App Volumes client into a delivery server.

Together, you’ll discover the ease and flexibility of Apps On-Demand – with no need to worry about installation, updates, or compatibility issues. And if you’re an SCCM customer, you can also opt for the Rimo3 pilot to easily convert your existing packages to App Volumes.

The best part? This engagement is completely free to customers* and takes just 20 days or less to complete.

Fill out the form below and get ready to revolutionize the way you deploy and manage applications with XenTegra. 


*Terms and conditions apply. JustStart is funded by VMware and its partners. XenTegra will work with you to ensure qualification for the program and its terms and conditions. Contact XenTegra for more details.