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Why XenTegra Nutanix DRaaS is Your Future-Proof Choice

As Nutanix transitions away from Xi Leap, XenTegra offers a robust, feature-rich DRaaS solution that not only matches but surpasses Xi Leap’s capabilities. With added support for Nutanix Unified Storage and comprehensive managed services including onboarding, documentation, and non-disruptive quarterly DR testing, our solution ensures your disaster recovery is both seamless and superior.

Continuity You Can Count On

We believe in partnership beyond the service. Our white-glove approach extends to every facet of your disaster recovery planning, from non-disruptive quarterly testing that keeps you audit-ready without a hitch, to a flexibility that understands and adapts to your unique business needs. Let’s ensure your DR strategy isn’t just prepared; it’s exceptional.

Guided Onboarding and Documentation

Jumpstart your DRaaS implementation with our expert-led onboarding process and comprehensive DR documentation support.

Quarterly Non-Disruptive Testing

Maintain peace of mind with scheduled, non-disruptive DR tests, ensuring your recovery strategies are always effective and audit-ready.

Nutanix Unified Storage Protection

Benefit from enhanced DR capabilities with protection extended to Nutanix Unified Storage, covering both files and objects for a truly comprehensive solution.

The XenTegra Difference: Xi Leap vs. XenTegra

Explore how XenTegra Nutanix DRaaS surpasses Xi Leap with our detailed feature comparison. From guided onboarding to comprehensive Nutanix Unified Storage protection, discover the advanced offerings that make XenTegra the superior choice for your disaster recovery needs.

XiLeap XenTegra Nutanix DRaaS
Built On Nutanix AOS

Leverage the robust foundation of Nutanix AOS for unparalleled stability and performance in your disaster recovery solution.

Protection Policies

Customize your data protection with flexible policies designed to meet your specific recovery objectives and compliance requirements.

Recovery Plans

Implement structured, efficient recovery plans that ensure rapid restoration of services with minimal downtime.

Local Network Extension

Extend your local network capabilities to the cloud seamlessly, maintaining connectivity and business operations during recovery.

IP Address Preservation

Maintain your existing IP addressing scheme during and after recovery to ensure a smooth transition and minimal configuration changes.

Migration of Security Polices

Automatically migrate your security policies along with your data, ensuring your disaster recovery environment is as secure as your primary site.

Non-Disruptive Testing and Cleanup

Test your disaster recovery plan without impacting production environments, offering peace of mind and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Automatic Failover and Failback

Simplify your disaster recovery process with automated mechanisms for both failover and failback, ensuring minimal manual intervention and faster recovery times.

End-To-End Security

Benefit from comprehensive security measures that protect your data throughout the entire disaster recovery process, from initial backup to final restoration.

Guided Onboarding

Experience a smooth transition to XenTegra Nutanix DRaaS with our expert-led onboarding process, ensuring you’re fully equipped to leverage our solution.

Protection of Nutanix Unified Storage (Files and Objects)

Extend your disaster recovery protection to include both files and objects within Nutanix Unified Storage, ensuring a comprehensive coverage.

Nondisruptive, Quarterly DR Tests

Maintain operational readiness with quarterly, non-disruptive testing that ensures your DR strategy is always effective without affecting your day-to-day operations.

DR Documentation Creation

Benefit from our assistance in creating detailed disaster recovery documentation, ensuring you have a clear, actionable plan in place for any scenario.

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