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Looking To Hire?

XenTegra Staffing Options

Citrix Manpower

You are stretched thin and find yourself without a team large enough to support a Citrix deployment, or with a team that has little or no Citrix experience. 

Cloud Enablement

Cloud is here whether we like it or not, but unfortunately, your staff is not up to snuff. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Private Cloud, and more. Head spinning yet? 


Last time we check, hackers are not going away anytime soon, and your employees will continue to wreak havoc on your day-today. There are experts out there that can squash this conundrum. 

Enterprise Applications

Whether you have Microsoft SCCM, Service Now, automation, CRM, and other critical business applications, we know managing these are a pain, and why not find someone who can help.


We lead with marketing, we know marketing, and we disrupt marketing. Tap into our knowledge and find the right marketing lead for your organization.


We built a top-notch sales team, so why not tap into our knowledge and steal our staff or sift through our extensive network of sales professionals.


Many companies can improve their IT but aren’t sure where to start. Lacking strategic IT direction will lead to wasteful solutions, unnecessary CAPEX spend, or unrealistic expectations of the future.