IGEL UD Pocket: Secure the Rogue Workforce with Ease

Nov 13, 2017

Security is top of mind for everyone these days, from the CISO all the way down to the end-user. The recent Equifax breech spooks the end-user, and the CISO is hoping a ransomware attack does not happen to his/her organization. Layer in the complexity of ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD), remote-workers, Apple users, contractors and temporary workers. According to CBS MoneyWatch, 67% of workers use their own devices at work. Gartner estimates 50% of workplaces will have a BYOD policy of sorts in 2017. CISOs are having heartburn due to the fact you cannot fully control these devices, especially Apple users. IGEL solves this issue with a simple solution… The IGEL UD Pocket:

The IGEL UD Pocket works on any x86 Architecture, 64-bit support machine so that it can work on Mac and PC:

Do not believe me? Here is the devices booting. PC Laptop:

MacBook Air:

Next, here is a simple demo of IGEL UD Pocket and the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS):

In a matter of 30 seconds, I can turn a Mac or PC into a usable thin client that is centrally managed. I can manage the user experience centrally from the IGEL UMS connecting it to a Citrix Cloud backend or a Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp on-premises. There is a lot this little micro client can do, but most importantly, it prevents unknown OS entities into your enterprise!

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