Hello World!

Aug 4, 2017

I recently joined XenTegra as their Director of the Northeast Region.

A lot of folks have asked me why I decided to make the move and join a ‘value-added reseller’ or VAR? The last [approximately] 12 years of my career have been spent being a Product Manager. Prior to that I was a sales engineer and before I worked in information technology. At the core, I am a technologist and have always been extremely hands-on as a product manager. This move is a natural fit and let’s explore why…

  1. I am a technologist at heart and now I can promote many products, not just a specific product. I can work with my customers to find the solution stack that meets their needs and bring best of breed solutions to the table.
  2. I have either worked with directly or managed all the products XenTegra represents in one way or another in my over 15-year career.
  3. My job is to understand the customer use case and help them be successful with current products or new products.
  4. We are evangelists for all the products we represent which is something I am not afraid to do.

While I am not managing a direct product any longer, the reality is, my product is my customers. I need to bring forth solutions that will meet their requirements and make them successful!

Watch for more blogs from me in the future ranging from technical write-ups to thought leadership views to highlighting our many partners!