E43 Nutanix Weekly: Introducing AOS 6.1

Mar 3, 2022

E43 – Nutanix Weekly:

Introducing AOS 6.1


This week Nutanix announced the general availability release of our AOS™ 6.1 infrastructure software, delivering to customers higher performance, simpler management, enhanced orchestration capabilities, and more. The new functionality enhances the value of our customers’ HCI deployments and further simplifies deployment and provisioning, and customers can easily upgrade to this new version to benefit from these new capabilities.

An increasing number of IT organizations are standardizing on Nutanix® HCI to power the applications and services that run their businesses. We have been working closely with our customers to guide product development efforts and have simultaneously invested in our vision to lead the next era in IT by bringing powerful yet simple hybrid cloud infrastructure to organizations everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at the most impactful new functionality delivered with this release.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Harvey Green
Co-host: Jirah Cox