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E77 – The Citrix Session: Seven ways to simplify your digital workspace deployment in 2021

E77 – The Citrix Session: Seven ways to simplify your digital workspace deployment in 2021

Citrix analytics solutions allow organizations to detect and deflect potential threats, and to quickly address performance issues—long before security incidents occur or employees begin to submit help desk tickets. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to provide real-time insights into user behavior and to automate the process of preventing cybersecurity breaches. All while maintaining a reliable digital workspace experience for employees.
For information specific on-premises releases, please see the on-premises editions matrix. For a comparison of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium service to the latest on-prem releases, please see the release feature matrix.

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XenTegra begins each engagement with a comprehensive assessment of needs, technologies, and goals to align your solution with the business.


XenTegra matches technologies with desired outcomes, architecting workspaces for manageability, efficiency, and performance.


XenTegra expertly implements its architected workspace solutions with seamless deployment, building solutions that are high performance and secure.



XenTegra fully documents its assessment, design and implementation recommendations for effective change management and compliance.



XenTegra performs a comprehensive handover of solution management knowledge, so your internal team is ready to support your new workspace solution with ease.

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