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Redefine EUC: Unleash Productivity Anywhere with Citrix & Nutanix

Discover streamlined solutions that boost efficiency and scalability for your business.

Unleash the Power of Hybrid Multicloud

At XenTegra, we leverage Nutanix and Citrix technologies to deliver seamless and secure hybrid multicloud end-user computing solutions, perfectly tailored to meet your specific business needs. Nutanix and Citrix deliver secure end-user access to virtual apps and desktops from any device, any location, and at any scale with the on-demand responsiveness of a true hybrid multicloud platform.

This synergy ensures that our solutions not only meet current demands but are also future-proofed to evolve with your business, enabling you to achieve and surpass your strategic goals.

Why XenTegra with Citrix and Nutanix?

By combining Citrix’s digital workspace solutions with Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform, XenTegra delivers a robust environment that enhances productivity, security, and operational efficiency. Experience a reduction in complexity and an increase in cost-effectiveness across your IT operations.

Burst 2,000 Citrix Desktops in Less Than Two Hours

Utilize the power of Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) and Citrix-Ready validated solutions to scale your operations rapidly. Our technology ensures you can expand quickly, whether on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Cost-Effective Per-User Pricing Model

With XenTegra, pairing Nutanix and Citrix simplifies how you match infrastructure investment with end-user computing needs. Our clear, all-inclusive per-user pricing ensures you understand every cost from the outset.

ROI of 123% in Under Eight Months

Experience exceptional value with Citrix on Nutanix EUC solutions through XenTegra. Start with what you need and scale efficiently as your organization grows, optimizing costs and increasing ROI swiftly.

Easily Scale from Hundreds to Thousands of Users

XenTegra enables smooth and predictable scaling with hybrid multicloud flexibility. Expand across geographical locations with consistent user experiences, from on-premises systems to diverse cloud environments.

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Hybrid Multicloud Management and Delivery with XenTegra and Citrix

Key Benefits Include:

  • Citrix-Read Certified
  • Extend Citrix on Nutanix to the Cloud
  • Familiar Management Tools

What You Can Expect with XenTegra, Nutanix, and Citrix

Innovative Plugin Architecture

Together, Nutanix and Citrix have co-developed a revolutionary plugin architecture that promotes quick, easy, and seamless integrations, enabling you to streamline your processes and accelerate your business operations effortlessly.

Citrix Studio

Efficiently configure and manage your deployments with Citrix Studio. Create machine catalogs directly from a snapshot of a master image on Nutanix, simplifying your setup and ongoing management tasks.

Citrix Director

Monitor your virtual environment with precision using Citrix Director. Access detailed VM-level performance statistics, including IOPS, I/O bandwidth, and latency, all within Nutanix AHV to maintain optimal performance and uptime.

Citrix DaaS and Virtual Apps and Desktops

Leverage the full integration of Citrix with Nutanix Prism to enhance your management and administrative operations. Enjoy the simplicity of one-click deployments that make managing your digital workspace environment more intuitive than ever.

Experience The XenTegra Difference

At XenTegra, we’re not just redefining the role of a Value-Added Reseller; we’re setting a new standard as a VAR 2.0. Our mission extends beyond delivering cutting-edge technological solutions; we focus on creating real value through community, education, and unmatched expertise. Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to access influential conferences, fostering a community centered around learning and camaraderie. We’re more than a technology provider – we’re a partner in your success, dedicated to building a community of learning and innovation.

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Complimentary Assesments

Our micro assessments span across various technologies, ensuring that you get the best out of your investments. We’ll dive deep into your technology environment, applying industry best practices and our vast experience to recommend optimizations.

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Scaling Made Simple, and Secure

Scale your operations with ease from hundreds to thousands of users through XenTegra’s robust solutions. Enjoy the benefits of linear scaling and a consistent, predictable end-user experience. Our platform ensures seamless hybrid multicloud elasticity, allowing you to extend your reach across geographic regions—from on-premises setups to diverse cloud environments. With XenTegra, scaling is not just a necessity but a strategic advantage.