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R-Graph is the industry’s first and only SaaS visualization solution dedicated to data protection. This cutting-edge service provides a holistic view of your data estate, crucial for effective data security. Key features include:

  • Instant Discovery: Swiftly uncover SaaS and cloud applications within your data landscape.
  • Risk Identification: Easily spot protection gaps and potential security risks.
  • Rapid Data Protection Activation: Activate targeted data protection solutions with minimal delay.

R-Graph’s strength lies in its ability to provide a quick, comprehensive visualization of your data estate, making it an essential tool for any data-driven organization.

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Why R-Graph?

R-Graph offers unparalleled benefits for businesses looking to enhance their data protection strategies.

Seamless Integration

R-Graph smoothly integrates with existing systems, ensuring a hassle-free enhancement to your data protection strategy.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for ease of use, R-Graph’s intuitive dashboard allows for quick insights and decision-making.

Ongoing Support

We provide comprehensive support and updates, ensuring your R-Graph experience is always at the forefront of data protection technology.

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Choosing HYCU: The Smart Move for Data Protection

HYCU, a leader in multi-cloud data protection, offers a suite of solutions that stand out in the industry. By opting for HYCU, businesses benefit from:

  • Innovative DPaaS Solutions: HYCU’s data protection as a service platform, HYCU Protégé, is designed for the modern multi-cloud environment.
  • Global Presence: With operations in 78 countries, HYCU’s global footprint ensures a broad understanding of varied data protection needs.
  • Rapid Response to Ransomware: With an average recovery time of just 16 minutes, HYCU is at the forefront of combating ransomware threats.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: HYCU’s impressive Net Promoter Score of 91 reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

“Data Anywhere, Protected Everywhere” – HYCU’s guiding principle encapsulates their commitment to secure, flexible, and customer-focused data protection solutions.