Into The Deep End: IGEL COSMOS

Are you eager to explore the depths of the IT industry's cutting-edge technology? Dive into the "Into the Deep" webinar series, where we'll be unveiling the technical intricacies of IGEL and their groundbreaking solution, IGEL COSMOS. This webinar is designed for IT professionals who want to learn more about the latest innovations in the world […]

Unleashing the Power of ChromeOS Flex

Transform slow, old devices or thin clients into speedier ChromeBook, Free! Do you want to save money and reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying the power and flexibility of cutting-edge technology? Do you want to stop dealing with slow, outdated devices that drain your productivity and eventually contribute to e-waste? Then join us for […]

App Layering Done Right with Liquidware FlexApp

Randy Price & Liquidware experts will discuss App Layering Done Right. This is a tech workshop focused on EUC Engineers which will include presentations, demo, and open discussions.

Partner Spotlight: LG

LG Cloud Endpoint Solutions: Redefining Hardware Excellence LG is a household name that has been a leader in consumer electronics for over a half-century. For the past 7 years, LG has been disrupting the end user hardware market with innovative solutions that are unique, powerful, and beautifully designed. Learn how LG is redefining what our […]

Partner Spotlight: NetScaler

In today's application economy, the success of your business relies on the performance of the underlying applications. With NetScaler, you can ensure your users and customers get the best digital experience is essential. NetScaler delivers apps from any environment to any user, anywhere. Don't miss out on this exclusive webinar as we unveil the power […]