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Unleashing the Power of ChromeOS Flex

June 15, 2023 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Transform slow, old devices or thin clients into speedier ChromeBook, Free!

Do you want to save money and reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying the power and flexibility of cutting-edge technology? Do you want to stop dealing with slow, outdated devices that drain your productivity and eventually contribute to e-waste? Then join us for an exciting webinar on Chrome OS Flex, an excellent solution that’s changing the game for businesses and individuals alike!

Hosted by XenTegra and featuring the Citrix and ChromeOS team, this exclusive event will give you the inside scoop on how Chrome OS Flex can help you:
• Turn old, sluggish laptops and thin clients into lightning-fast Chromebooks for free!
• Save money on energy costs and reduce e-waste with Chrome OS Flex’s sustainable design and power-saving features
• Enjoy flexible, secure ownership with customized software and support options
• Calculate your total cost of ownership and see how much you can save with Chrome OS Flex

Whether you’re an IT professional looking to streamline your device management and security, or an individual user seeking a faster, more efficient computing experience, Chrome OS Flex has something for everyone.

⭐ Plus, by attending, you’ll be in the running to receive a $50 GrubHub gift card!

Don’t miss out – register now and discover the power of Chrome OS Flex!