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Cracking the Code to End-User Happiness: The Top Metric for Experience

May 24 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

About this talk

You’re an IT pro; you know keeping business critical tools available and maintaining end-user happiness is vital to your organization’s success. But accurately measuring end-user experience (EUX) can be a real challenge. It’s a complex task, and relying solely on user feedback can be unreliable, making it hard to establish a performance baseline. Well, let us introduce you to our 2023 EUX Score – the most powerful data-backed tool for quantifying end-user experience on the market. Its advanced capabilities enable IT admins to identify and diagnose issues affecting end-users, regardless of where or what device they’re using.

During this exclusive live webinar hosted by Blair Parkhill, Director of Products, Login VSI, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of:

– Why the EUX Score is the top metric to determine end-user experience.

– Real-life examples of how to use the EUX Score and resolve issues impacting end-users.

– Best practices for optimizing the end-user experience and maximizing ROI.

Gain a deep understanding of the EUX Score and how it can help ensure your end-users are happy and satisfied with their experience. Don’t let poor user experience hinder your organization’s productivity and revenue.

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