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E40 Nutanix Weekly: First Foundation Bank Case Study

E40 – Nutanix Weekly:

First Foundation Bank Case Study


I’m a habitual note-taker when speaking with customers about their efforts in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and hybrid cloud. And most of the time, I always find a fascinating story buried in the observations I put to paper.

This happened when I examined my notes from a recent discussion with Adrian Darmawan, executive vice president and CTO of First Foundation Bank, which provides personal and business banking, private wealth management and trust services.

He gives credit to the Nutanix HCI for helping to navigate banking regulations, manage $7.7 billion in assets, and support customers and employees at 23 locations – while reducing the time spent on infrastructure management by up to 40%

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Harvey Green
Co-Host: Jirah Cox