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E38 IGEL Weekly: IGEL Community Update – December 2021

E38 – IGEL Weekly:

IGEL Community Update – December 2021



The IGEL Community is where you learn, share, and engage with like-minded customers, partners, and EUC industry experts.

You will have the ability to collaborate with others, interact with IGEL enthusiasts who are more than willing to help, get answers to your questions in minutes, brainstorm ideas, build relationships that will last you a lifetime, and so much more!

Today the IGEL Community is 7,300+ members strong, who together have shared over 270,000+ messages.

Join the IGEL Community today and get help supporting IGEL OS, UMS, ICG, and all IGEL software and Thin Clients solutions!

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Chris Feeney
Co-host: Sebastien Perusat